Auditions set to be begin for 2014-15 Denver Nuggets Dancers

by Aaron Lopez

They come from all walks of life to pursue their NBA dreams.

Students. Realtors. Teachers. Flight attendants. Jewelers.

Regardless of profession, they all have one thing in common. They believe they have what it takes to be a Denver Nuggets Dancer.

Approximately 100 women will step onto the Pepsi Center practice court this weekend for the first round of auditions conducted by Dance Teams Manager Amy Jo Wagner.

Past Denver Nuggets Dancers have included a high school chemistry teacher, an exercise physiologist, restaurant servers, a jewelry store manager, dance instructors, a make-up artist and a realtor. With such a wide spectrum, there is no one quality that Wagner is looking for when selecting the finalists.

“Obviously, dance ability plays a huge part in the selection process,” she said. “Beyond the talent, we look for dancers who are energetic, enthusiastic about giving back to the community and ready to dance their hearts out for Nuggets fan.”

Wagner, a former Phoenix Suns dancer, is entering her eighth season with the Nuggets. She will spend roughly 30 hours Saturday and Sunday observing, interviewing and selecting potential dance team members.

“There are so many emotional highs and lows at this time of year,” she said. “I look forward to every new season, but it’s hard to say goodbye to the non-returners and somewhat overwhelming to think of starting the whole training process again.”

In order to audition, dancers must be 18 years old (17 with a signed waiver from a parent or guardian) and hold a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements include a dance resume and the ability to attend at least 80 percent of Denver’s 41 home games.

The process can be taxing – for both the prospective dancers and for Wagner and her staff.

“There is a ton of work that goes into selecting the final team after the ladies are excused each day,” Wagner said. “It will be a long week with training camp, reference checks and individual interviews, but that's how we make sure our team is the best of the best each season!”

For more information about the auditions, visit here.

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