Afflalo chooses No. 10 upon his return to Nuggets

Denver teammate Nate Robinson shifts to No. 5
by Aaron Lopez

For his second stint in Denver, newly acquired Nuggets guard Arron Afflalo is aiming for a perfect 10.

Afflalo wore No. 6 while with the Nuggets from 2009-12, but he chose No. 10 upon his return Monday.

Asked why he made the change, Afflalo gave a coy smile.

“No reason,” he said. “No reason.”

Nuggets guard Nate Robinson wore No. 10 in his first season with Denver but switched to No. 5 for 2014-15.

“Apparently (No. 10) was available,” Afflalo said. “I didn’t want to step on any of my teammates’ toes. I asked (equipment manager) Sparky (Gonzales) what was available, and he had a number for me.”

Afflalo wore No. 28 when he joined the Detroit Pistons as an NBA rookie in 2007. After donning No. 6 in Denver, he switched his No. 4 – his college number – while playing for the Orlando Magic.

Given the mathematical relationship between 2 and 8 and between 6 and 4, 10 makes sense for Afflalo as he begins another fresh start in Denver.