SECAUCUS, N.J., May 4, 2007 -- As the eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors stand triumphant atop the ruins of the Dallas Mavericks' 67-win regular season thanks to their stunning 4-2 series win, we look to the World Wide Web for a little perspective as to huge-ness of Golden State's. As you know by now, the Warriors became the first No. 8 seed to knock off a No. 1 seed in a seven-game series. Only the Nuggets in 1994 and the Knicks in 1999 have defeated a top seed in the postseason as a No. 8 seed and they both did it in a best-of-five format.

Let's take a spin around the 'net for reaction to Golden State's historic triumph:

As you know, charity starts at home. Let's see how's John Hareas sees Golden State's win:

"On paper, the matchup was a mismatch but in reality it was far closer. The Warriors couldn’t have handpicked a better first-round opponent to shake off its playoff cobwebs while the Mavericks couldn’t have received any worse of a draw."

Let's stay within the network and see how Dave Simon, who blogged about the series, wrapped up the historic upset:

"There was a palpable sense that Golden State wanted this game more than Dallas. That may not be true, but it's certainly how it looked. They got to all the loose balls, they snatched every rebound, they knocked down open shots, they found each other on the break. They were having fun and Dallas wasn't. They fed off the crowd and showed true emotion, but didn't let the moment consume them. This wasn't a choke job by the Mavs. The Warriors won this series. It was like a tug-of-war and Golden State just pulled harder."

And here's a reason why beat reporters are invaluable for anyone who can surf the web. Check out this gem in Janny Hu's game story in the San Francisco Chronicle. She notes that one of the Warriors' heroes, Stephen Jackson, almost cost the Warriors a chance at the postseason ... when he was with Indiana:

"For the second straight game, the Warriors set individual and team records for three-pointers, and it was only appropriate that Stephen Jackson had seven of them.

"Jackson took endless riff from his teammates during their late playoff push for the three he made in November to beat Golden State while he was still with Indiana.

"'I was hoping that game didn't keep us out of the playoffs,'" Jackson said earlier this series. "'I was like, I can't take it back, but hopefully, I can do something about it.'"

Thanks, Janny. Nice work. Let's head to Golden State of Mind, a Warriors fan blog. You can imagine how they're reacting to the thrill of victory:

"Heart, baby. Heart.

"The heart of Baron, who served as an inspiration to this team, even though his own physical pain. The heart of Biedrins, who grew up in front of our very eyes this season. The heart of Jason Richardson, who took personal responsibility for our previous seasons' failures and deserves tons of credit for our current status. The heart of Barnes, who has finally found his home and his role with this ballclub. The heart of Pietrus, who is developing into the perfect supplemental shooter and defender. The heart of Jackson, who consistently elevates himself to the elite in this league with every passing game. The heart of Nellie, who had the courage to recognize his team for the talent that they are, and not for the typecast the media wants them to be." But perhaps most important, the heart of the fans, who have not only loyally stood by this organization through all of its... well, let's face it, downs; but who single-handedly turned the Oracle Arena into the LOUDEST, MOST FEARED VENUE FOR AN OPPOSING TEAM TO SET FOOT IN."

Not subtle, but no reason for them to be right now. Let 'em revel.

Meanwhile, at, the blog as you can guess, is subdued:

I guess as Mavs blogger I'm supposed to have some huge post either passing out blame or delivering profound optimism. I won't be though. I refuse to join the millions of people who will be piling on my team the rest of the postseason, and I'm currently incapable of providing the second.

Bill Simmons at ESPN's Page 2 says Nowtizki's career on the clock, but also makes a good point about the Warriors. He's talking about trades, but he could be talking about Golden State's style of play, too:

"Here's the thing: [The Warriors] took a few chances. I didn't agree with half of them, but at least they were rolling the dice. This past February at the deadline, did one team take a chance with a big move? Of course not. Everyone thought they were good to go. Ridiculous. This league drives me crazy. I can't take it."

Don't leave now, Bill. It's just getting good.


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