What do the rookies themselves think about the Rookie Transition Program? What has been the most interesting part? What have they learned? And who has been the most entertaining speaker? Here are some of the rookies' impressions on what they've learned this week.

What was the most interesting part of the program?
"I think the best time has been when the legends had the chance to talk to us. They shed some insight on how it was when there were actual real problems. Nowadays, as a black athlete, weíre not faced with any problems. Guys who were playing in the Ď50s and Ď60s, they were faced with real problems, things that actually had some substance. I was just intrigued to see how the first black player in the NBA dealt with being the only black player in the league. How guys dealt with playing in professional sports during times when segregation was still going on. Thatís the stuff that intrigued me."

What have you learned so far?
"You learn a lot of things that you didnít know about, like the mid-level exception for example, a lot of the business stuff. You really learn about all the options you have outside of basketball to help lead to a better career."

What has been the most interesting topic for you?
"The talk about the collective bargaining agreement has been interesting to me, the differences between the NBA and the NBPA, how the system works."

How is the program going?
"Itís been great, learning a lot. Being in the NBA is a great opportunity and learning about how to be an NBA player off the court is a good experience. ... Weíve had Bob Lanier, Bill Russell. They gave a lot of good tips."

What has been the best part so far?
"I think Iím very informed about a lot of things already. I think the best for me was having our group breakout sessions. That was the best thing for me. Hearing guys talk about what theyíre going through, and realize that some of us are experiencing a lot of the same things. ... I donít think I need a week of it to be quite honest, but itís what we have to do. Iíve been around the block a few times, so Iím pretty familiar with some of these things."

How is the program going?
"It's been great so far. I thought coming into the program that it was going going to be something boring that you wouldn't get much out of, but I think it's been very useful and helpful. I'm enjoying myself."

On Dick Bavetta's speech:
"He was great. He had a good theme, got his point across, and he was pretty funny too. I didn't know a referee of 29 years could have a good sense of humor. It's pretty impressive."

How is the program going?
"It's great. You learn a lot about issues that you never really thought of. You get all kinds of information that you need coming in as a rookie, about playing ball and being a professional athlete. Now, once you are here, topics get into your head and you are thinking about stuff that you never considered before. It's a great experience. I'm happy I'm here."

What are you hoping to get from all of this?
"There have been a lot of qualified people giving us good advice for what we have coming up. I'm just trying to gather all the information I can."