Jan. 23, 2008 -- Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, NBA Insider David Thorpe will stop by to discuss the rookie report and will be joined by NBA.com columnist Dave McMenamin!

Thorpe is an NBA analyst for ESPN.com and the executive director of the Pro Training Center at the IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., where he oversees the player development program for the NBA and college players.

Dave McMenamin: Thanks to David and the good people at ESPN.com for inviting me to the chat. Radiohead's "In Rainbows" is playing on my computer (I only paid five pounds for it!), and fortunately there are eight states down the coastline between me in New York and Coach Thorpe in Florida, so Thom Yorke's voice doesn't have to compete with Thorpe's opera.

I'm the Rookie Rankings guy for NBA.com in case you're wondering. Oh, and let's get one thing straight - I'm "Dave." He's "David."

Send your questions now and join David, and Dave, in The Show, Wednesday at noon ET.

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David Thorpe: (12:00 PM ET ) We are honored to have such an esteemed guest with us today. Hey Dave, welcome to the slowest hour on the net. In your honor, it's "Turandot", Puccini's best in my estimation, playing at the Thorpe office (disc 2, Chris).

Shake n bake!!

Dave McMenamin: (12:02 PM ET ) Is that a Ricky Bobby reference? I'll do you one better in the Ferrell category -- "A Big Horn, eh? That's why I come out here. Naaaaature. Goulet."

David Thorpe: (12:02 PM ET ) Nice Dave. You figured this out already.

Ben (Hanover, PA): Your favorite JJ Redick fan is here. What do we have to do to get Redick in the 3 point contest? Also what team do you think would be a good fit for Redick?

David Thorpe: (12:02 PM ET )I really don't know. It's a shame to see him sink like a ship without much of a chance.

Pat (Hartford, CT): Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant...Both are on their respectives ways to becoming stars in the NBA. Who has the higher ceiling?

David Thorpe: (12:02 PM ET ) Durant-better feel for scoring.

Finn (Seattle, WA): Which one is El Diablo and which one is the Magic Man?

David Thorpe: (12:03 PM ET ) You're risking a ban. Don't ask such nonsensical questions.

Jeff (Adak, Alaska): Is calathes a PG in the league?

David Thorpe: (12:04 PM ET ) Probably. Need to watch him a bit more, but I love him thus far.

JLang (Taiwan): Dave, have you read Thorpe's chats before? Me and my friends here think he's the fastest and smartest hoops guy on the 'net. We learn more from his one liners and articles than an entire weekend of listening to talking heads on tv.

Dave McMenamin: (12:05 PM ET ) I've read the last few prepping for today. This rapid fire chat is like the "foot fire" equivalent of a writing drill.

Nick (Tampa): Coach With Lebron's ability to create 5 on 4 situations: Would Reddick be a good fit for Clevland?

David Thorpe: (12:05 PM ET ) Yes. But my question is, who does not need a shooter like him who's also competitive?

Sanju (Riverside, CA): What do you project Javaris Crittendon to be? He has great ability to penetrate, but his finishing and decision making are questionable.

David Thorpe: (12:05 PM ET ) Tough call. He thinks he's a 1, so let's see how he does in that spot first.

stephen a smith: why am i on tv to talk hoops and you aren't?

David Thorpe: (12:06 PM ET ) TV means even more time away from my family, not an option for this ball coach.

Joe (Washington): Is there any explanation for why Walter Hermann has struggled to find playing time this year on both Charlotte and Detroit? Detroit may have a deep bench, but why not play a guy who was scoring 20 ppg and creating matchup problems down the stretch last year?

Dave McMenamin: (12:07 PM ET ) Detroit plays Sheed 31 mins a game, Prince for 34, Maxiell for 23, McDyess for 31 and Jarvis Hayes for 17. That adds up to 136 minutes and there are only 144 minutes a game available at the forward and center positions per game. They're just deep. He's still a valuable guy to have around. Did you know he can palm a ball using just his index finger and thumb?

Carlos (LA,CA): David, When Kobe retires will he be the best player not to win an MVP? Hollinger said yes. Your thoughts. Thanks

David Thorpe: (12:07 PM ET ) I read his chat. Someone chimed in with the Logo, and John agreed with that. Me too.

Nick (Tampa): Coach Loved your Q & A on true hoop about Kleiza. Why doesn't coach Karl want him using shot fakes

David Thorpe: (12:07 PM ET ) Every second LK has the ball is a second that 'Melo or Iverson does not. He wants ball movement.

Tom (wisconsin): What kind of career do you project Julian Wright to have?

David Thorpe: (12:08 PM ET ) Average.

Janet (atlanta): Is Thad Young further more productive at this point than you thought he would be?

David Thorpe: (12:08 PM ET ) Yes he is.

Vince (Paoli, PA): YO Dave- Been tough being a fellow sixers fan for the past couple of years. Seems like we have some good young talent but something seems to be missing. Dalembert is coming around, the Andre's are solid. What do you think Ed Stefanski should look for coming out of the draft?

Dave McMenamin: (12:08 PM ET ) What's up Vince? What don't you think he should look for? I mean, this team needs a No. 1 scoring option. That might be Thaddeus Young in a couple of years, but not yet. A back up point wouldn't hurt either. Or some more post defense. Or another outside shooter. Or ....

Chris (LA) : If you guys could, what would Joakim Noah average if he gots close to 30-35 minutes a game?

David Thorpe: (12:09 PM ET ) 11 and 10. At least.

Jim(Miami): Thorpedo, are they thinking about replacing you? I'll start a petition right now to keep you, and rioting up in Bristol is always an option. We need our Thorpedo!!

David Thorpe: (12:09 PM ET ) As Hong Kong Phooey likes to say, "Could Be!!..."

But I hope not.

Leon (Miami): Why is Yi, so underused? He's supposedly one of the untradebles yet he doesn't get as many minutes.

David Thorpe: (12:11 PM ET ) He's a rook, Leon. Patience.

Noah (Santa Monica, CA): Looks like DJ Strawberry has cracked D'Antoni's rotation. What are the odds that the 59th pick in the draft would end up contributing on the hardest rotation to crack in the NBA?

David Thorpe: (12:13 PM ET ) Look up Ginobli, Manu. Or Wallace, Ben. Haslem, Udonis. Or on that same team, Bell, Raja.

Graeme (Toronto, Ont): Dave do you think Jamario Moon will improve in the NBA? or do you think he's already reached his ceiling?

Dave McMenamin: (12:13 PM ET ) He's very raw on offense. I think there is a lot of room for improvement. With the right confidence and a better 3-pointer, he could be a Shawn Marion 2.0.

Jimmy (Manhattan, New York): Why is Wilson Chandler not in the d league and how good do you think he will become

David Thorpe: (12:13 PM ET ) Great question Jimmy. I don't know. The D league is a great place for young players.

Dave McMenamin: (12:14 PM ET ) Hmm, somebody questioning a roster move by the Knicks. That's a new one.

Jaspreet(Thunder Bay, ON): Why the hell isn;t Jamario Moon ahead of Horford in the rankings...Moon has been playing great of late..blocking shots, rebounding, getting steals, scoring a little and providing highlight reel dunks???

David Thorpe: (12:14 PM ET ) C'mon Jaspreet.

Jack (Chicago): What, besides the huge contract, is the reason Ben Wallace continues to dress for games, let alone actually get minutes. On a good day for him(now) he is a bad noah. I would rather see noah, tt, gray get minutes than waste them on big ben.

David Thorpe: (12:15 PM ET ) Most people I speak to say the same thing-Ben Wallace plays because of his name and contract.

Hank (Portland): Hey Dave, you ever been out here to a McMenamins pub in Portland, OR? They take old school buildings and fix them up to turn them into brewpubs and sometimes cheap movie theaters. The beer is so-so but usually the atmosphere makes up for it.

Dave McMenamin: (12:15 PM ET ) I actually get that question a lot. No, I have not. I think that restaurant is pretty much my only chance of getting an endorsement deal in my lifetime. Can you put in a word?

Jeff (Michigan): Is it possible that Chris Paul can win the MVP this year? He has been playing great.

David Thorpe: (12:15 PM ET ) Possible, yes. Likely, no.

Mikey (Philly): Do you think Jason Smith will be a solid NBA player? What kind of ceiling does he have?

David Thorpe: (12:16 PM ET ) J Smith has a chance to be a solid rotation guy. Athletic and skilled. I like what I've seen.

loaf (san diego): demetris nichols looked like a good perimeter shooter, but isiah cut him to keep guys like jerome james, malik rose and company (aarrrrggghhhh). does this kid have a future and what area must he work on? gracias!

Dave McMenamin: (12:17 PM ET ) I worked with D-Nic for two years at Syracuse and saw the sweat and dedication he put in every day after practice. EVERY DAY. That can't be taken for granted. He just needs a chance in Chicago. If things keep going south for the Bulls, Boylan might roll the dice and give him a chance sooner than later.

Dave J (Richmond, VA): Questions are being asked and answers are being given but they dont seem to be matching up

David Thorpe: (12:17 PM ET ) We're figuring out that we need to be more descriptive in our answers. Not my usual style, so I'm enlisting smarter people to help me.

Mike (Whitehall PA): Hey Dave what do u think of Dwight Howard as a MVP canidate?

David Thorpe: (12:17 PM ET ) D Howard is a top contender provided the Magic stay on top.

Dave McMenamin: (12:18 PM ET ) Yeah, I'm sorry about the synching. I'm doing my best. Dwight for MVP? Nah. If the award goes to the East it's going to be KG. Otherwise, KB24's 12-year drought will finally be over.

New York: If kobe wud have gone to the rookie game . if they had gone thru with the draft. do you think he wud of got MVP?

David Thorpe: (12:18 PM ET ) I see the problems with the Knicks are impacting their chatters. I've no idea what you are talking about. Naptime.

Sam (San Bernardino, CA): Will Rudy Gay ever develop that killer instinct? He's seems passive a notable portion of the time. Isnt that what brought his draft stock down in the first place?

David Thorpe: (12:19 PM ET ) Rudy averaging 19+ a game. I like his progress.

ryan (dc): David and Dave, what are your thoughts on Nick Young?

David Thorpe: (12:20 PM ET ) I think Young has lots of talent, but I'm not sure he'll become a legit player. Worth watching.

Eric (Albany): I have a question for Pau Gasol (pictured above next to "David"). Do you see yourself playing for the Chicago Bulls this year?

Dave McMenamin: (12:20 PM ET ) It's not smart to throw stones for those living in ginormous, oversized eggs (Albany people will get that).

Reg (Melbourne): Spencer Hawes: destined for suckitude, mediocrity, greatness, or something else?

Dave McMenamin: (12:21 PM ET ) Is "suckitude" in the urban dictionary? I think he can be Brad Miller's second coming. He is skilled on offense but needs to get a mean streak on D.

David Thorpe: (12:22 PM ET ) I think Hawes has...moxie. I do. He's got some fire, and skills too. Just needs to get quicker and stronger. Which he will.

Seth (Toronto): Where do you see Daequan Cook's ceiling being? He can really shoot the ball, and I think he has the potential to be a star in the league

David Thorpe: (12:22 PM ET ) Pretty high as a scorer and a shooter. Similar to Young.

Tim (Athens): Dave, "Reckoner" is best song on Radiohead CD, agree?

Dave McMenamin: (12:23 PM ET ) You know what? I don't like this album track by track, I sort of let it all flow together. Ha, I just sound like Stewie from Family Guy when he goes to Amsterdam with the dog.

Dan (Philadelphia): Can the Sixers build around Lou Williams, Thad Young and Andre Iguodala?

David Thorpe: (12:23 PM ET ) It looks like Philly has indeed found some legit young talent. Smith can play too.

Jeff (Houston, TX): What do you think of Luis Scola so far? Will he ever be as good as Ginobili or Peja?

David Thorpe: (12:23 PM ET ) I see Scola as a solid guy, not in Manu's league.

Dave McMenamin: (12:24 PM ET ) In a word: No. Manu is one of the 10 most complete offensive players in the league and Peja was the best shooter in the league five years ago. Scola is more Fabricio Oberto.

Chris (Ithaca): Coach Thorpe - I have a big game this Friday (HS) - what is the best way to stop a jump shooter who can score at will? (can't foul, this year he's made 73 straight FTs). The obvious answer is deny the ball but with no shot clock you cant deny forever.

David Thorpe: (12:24 PM ET ) Easy-stay tight and give up the lane, force him to the rim. If he can finish at the hoop and rain j's, then your team is whipped.

allison (ontario ): hey thorpedo, who has the best NBA body? Lebron, Iguodola, ???

David Thorpe: (12:25 PM ET ) D Howard is a beast in a center's body too, no?

rest of nba: why the hell are there so many sixers questions!?!?! no one cares about them

Dave McMenamin: (12:25 PM ET ) Dear rest of the NBA, Philly fans are the best in the world. You'll never understand. Love, Dave

Janet (atlanta): When does Horford's lack of offense become a major red flag? In order to be an effective center in the league doesn't he need to take advantage of that mismatch on offense more?

David Thorpe: (12:26 PM ET ) I think Horford will be fine once they get a better flow for him on offense. He's an outsider now on offense.

bob: dave mcmenamin, housekeeping?

Dave McMenamin: (12:26 PM ET ) No, I will not fluff your pillow. I'm here to learn! Carry on with the chlorophyll.

Davey (SLC): We have a great problem here in Utah... Ronnie Brewer, Morris Almond, and CJ Miles... Do you see all 3 staying on the Jazz? (all 3 are potential nba starters).

David Thorpe: (12:28 PM ET ) You are right Davey-the Jazz went from having no 2's to 3 potential starters. Nice problem to have. One is likely to go.

Jon (Gainesville, FL): Al Horford is making a big name for himself with his game while Joakim Noah has been doing the same with his attitude, but lost in all of this is Corey Brewer. Do you see Brewer ever reaching an elite status in the NBA? I always thought his quickness and length would make him the best prospect from the gators group

David Thorpe: (12:29 PM ET ) Corey must learn to slow down, establish a strong dribble game, and learn to make more shots. His ceiling is high, but his floor is low. Make sense?

Dan (Portland): Question for both. Will the Blazers look to deal before the deadline? With Oden and Fernandez, plus draft picks coming next year, we have too many players. Thanks.

David Thorpe: (12:30 PM ET ) I think the Blazers will be in trade play for some time. They've amassed a nice roster.

Lane (Kukuihaele, HI): Hello Davids, what do you forsee for Durant in the second half? Lately, he's been disappointing, especially the shooting.

Dave McMenamin: (12:30 PM ET ) I'll start with this one. Obviously there is going to be a time where opposing defenses have a guy scouted out. Teams know where KD wants the ball. They know he shys away from contact. They know he doesn't have much help from his teammates. I think he'll be the same player in the second half, but he'll be motivated to take the next step this summer.

Nick (Tampa): Coach What are your feelings about AAU basketball? Do they jeopradize the integrity of coaches teaching fundamentals?

David Thorpe: (12:30 PM ET ) Most AAU guys are disasters. Some are splendid.

Mike (Chicago): What happened with John Salmons? He doesn't appear to be getting the minutes anymore.

David Thorpe: (12:31 PM ET ) Ron Artest is back. And Salmons twisted his ankle last night.

Audel Del Toro, Los Angeles: Roy Hibbert has a good Hook shot. Any Chance of him becoming a good/great Center in the NBA?

David Thorpe: (12:32 PM ET ) I like Hibbert. I think he has a shot to shine.

Dave McMenamin: (12:32 PM ET ) I think Hibbert misses the mismatches that Jeff Green created for him last year when he drew double teams. I'm not sold on him. One guy who does intrigue me is Kenny George. Have you seen how big that guy is?!

Alex, Detroit: Rodney Stuckey of the Detroit Pistons has heard comparisons to D-Wade. Despite his injury this season I feel he has played well in his short time on the court. Is the comparison to D-Wade formidable?

David Thorpe: (12:32 PM ET ) Stuckey is to Wade as jello is to office furniture.

James (OH): Who will be better in five years? The rookies from Ohio State or FLorida?

David Thorpe: (12:33 PM ET ) So that's what Ohio guys are resorting to? The beatings have too much for you guys, huh.

Phil (LA): Thorpe, am I banned for suggesting two time slots for less confusion and more answered questions???

David Thorpe: (12:35 PM ET ) Not banned Phil. I did a chat room once with my two brothers and it looked like this. 3 Thorpes typing and reading at warp speed. Good fun-follow the bouncing ball as best as you can.

Tim (Yucipa, CA): If I'm the lakers, with Bynum out, wouldnt a 3 guard lineup with Kobe in the post make more sense than a bigger lineup with LO or Walton at the 3?

Dave McMenamin: (12:35 PM ET ) Did you watch them dismantle the Nuggets the other day? If Kobe is sharing the ball like that, it doesn't matter who is out there with him. Give Kurt Rambis a uni again and they'll still win games.

JR (Chicago): I don't understand how a lot of analysts have pegged Chase Budinger as a lottery pick. Almost all of his evidence is generated off of a flex cut, and he has no ability to create off the dribble in a one-on-one setting. His game is great in the college setting but I don't see him being anything more than a big Juan Dixon or maybe, maybe Mike Dunleavy if he were to reach his ceiling.

David Thorpe: (12:35 PM ET ) You are on, JR. Scouts souring on Chase.

Steven (Toronto): Is it possible the #1 pick won't make the Rookie team in New Orleans this year?

Dave McMenamin: (12:36 PM ET ) It's possible the last two No. 1 picks don't make it. Oden is out of commission (and growing a John Legend-esque 'fro) and Bargnani's numbers are down across the board.

Chris (Detroit): Mmmmmmm....jell-o office furniture......

David Thorpe: (12:36 PM ET ) Stuckey and Wade are in 2 different categories.. Like jello and office furniture.

Brian (Washington, DC): Guys, if there was a modern day version of NBA Jam and you had to pick 2 guys you wanted out there at the same time, who would you chose?

Dave McMenamin: (12:37 PM ET ) For teammates I'll go KG and Ray Ray so I get the shooter plus the Boomshakalaka dunks. For any combo, give me Kobe and LeBron.

Bryan Colangelo (toronto): Hey Thorpe, you interested in coming up and helping Bargnani?

David Thorpe: (12:37 PM ET ) I'm not coming to Toronto. But he's welcome to come down to the PTC at IMG.

Keanu (Honolulu, HI): Hey Dave and Dave, what's your guys take on how the Bulls are using young guns Noah, T Thomas, and Thabo. It seems like someone should go.
M (DC): Will Thabo eventually become the starting big shooting guard that the Bulls need?

David Thorpe: (12:39 PM ET ) I think Thabo is good. Playing well of late too.

Raul (San Diego): How about Ben Wallace for Kwame Brown? Kobe wanted to play with Ben.

Dave McMenamin: (12:39 PM ET ) The numbers don't add up. Big Ben makes 1.5 times what Kwame does.

milkncookie: thorpe! i'm actually on the west coast right now and i must say, it totally sucks gettin up this early for a chat, lol.

David Thorpe: (12:39 PM ET ) Thanks, loyal reader!

John (Moraga, CA): Hey Daves, I just picked up Gilbert Arenas for my fantasy team, was that a good move? When can I expect him to start making an impact again?

Dave McMenamin: (12:40 PM ET ) You can expect to see him back practicing in mid-February and back on the court by mid-March. His numbers will probably take a hit as he tries to re-establish his rhythm while not disturbing Caron Butler's flow.

Lebron James (CLE): Can MVP voters honestly sit there and say there is another player in the league more valuable to their team than I am to mine? I'm not trying to toot my horn, Thorpedo, but nobody does more with less talent ('07 EC Champs anyone?).

David Thorpe: (12:40 PM ET ) LeBron is in a class by himself.

Jeff (Chicago): Andrew Bogut is averaging 18.2 pts. 10.6 rbs 3 asts and 1.3 blks in the month of January, yet, you never hear his name mentioned as one of the elite young big men in the league. Do you feel that this is at all due to the comments he made in the preseason about his NBA counterparts?

David Thorpe: (12:40 PM ET ) Bogut is being ignored because his team is average, not because of anything said this summer. I'll pay more attention to him, he deserves it.

Mindy (Wilsonville, OR): Thorpie, earlier in the year I asked you if Travis Outlaw should get Most Improved Player and you said, "No, same numbers as last year." The truth is last year Outlaw would not be taking the isolated game winning shot like he did against the hawks. Does he have a chance at MIP?

David Thorpe: (12:42 PM ET ) Outlaw is just not having a huge difference in numbers to merit the MIP. But he'll get votes probably. Still lots of games to see what unfolds.

jamario moon: should i get some of my boys from the Globetrotters to help me out in the dunk comp?

Dave McMenamin: (12:43 PM ET ) Nah, I think you'll be good without resorting to the old "eat the person who is sitting courtside's hot dog" gag

Jack (Chicago): Is there any chance, at all, of the BUlls unloading Ben for a contract that is not worse than his (if such a thing exists)? Not only does he not provide anything, but he takes away minutes. Thanks

David Thorpe: (12:43 PM ET ) Hard for Chicago to dump Ben until next year.

matt (CT): one more hibbert question. daves, can you settle a debate for me? i say that hibbert is not as "doofy" (awkward, more agile) as ilgauskas, my friends disagreed. what do you guys think?

David Thorpe: (12:44 PM ET ) Hibbert less doofy. But more gooey.

Dave McMenamin: (12:44 PM ET ) I agree completely. Big Z acutally has a couple of nimble post moves and can hit the 15-18 footer. I can't believe I just called a guy named "Zydrunas" nimble.

Nick(Tampa): Coach Did you get a chance to see the Chris Kaman video on OTL? What do you think of the training he used to "re-train" his brain?

David Thorpe: (12:45 PM ET ) I didn't see the Kaman piece, but thanks for the heads up. I love that kind of stuff.

David (DC): Ever heard that old Kids in the Hall skit "These are the Daves I know"? It seems like everybody is named David.

David Thorpe: (12:45 PM ET ) Malkovic!

David (DC): Do you think Nene will be able to come back anytime this year? Is there any precedent in the NBA of a guy going through what he is going through?

David Thorpe: (12:47 PM ET ) Unfortunately, I have some cancer experience. It depends on what else he has to do. If the cancer was contained then perhaps he'll be back soon. But if it requires chemo or radiation to ensure all the cells are gone, then he's likely done this year.

Frank Costanza: Dave, do you think I have any shot of signing Eddie Curry to be the spokesman for the man-ssiere

Dave McMenamin: (12:46 PM ET ) Invite him to Festivus next year and wow him with your feats of strength. How could he say no after that?

Art (Detroit): SuperBowl question, Pats or Giants?

Dave McMenamin: (12:47 PM ET ) Hmm, obnoxious New York fans or obnxious New England fans? No thanks. I pick Bud Lite in the Bud Bowl though.

David Thorpe: (12:47 PM ET ) I have a feeling about those Giants. Should be a nail biter-history is not set easily. See Yepremiam, Gary.

john (chicago): I know Melo isn't avg. as many points as last year but do you think he is starting to elevate and round out his game. He has really been rebounding extremely well over the last couple of months.

Dave McMenamin: (12:48 PM ET ) He has hit the D boards a little bit more than in the past with all the injuries to the Denver bigs. He is capable of rebounding, it's all a question of whether he puts his mind to it.

Chris (LA) : If you're the Bulls, would you rather trade Noah or Thomas?

David Thorpe: (12:48 PM ET ) I'd keep Noah and TT. Two golden dudes.

Nick (Tampa): Coach Is there any websites or blogs you try to read on a daily basis? I'm assuming nothing gets better than TrueHoop. . . right?

David Thorpe: (12:49 PM ET ) Truehoop a must, yes. And I love Tom Ziller at Sactown Royalty. But I read a lot of blogs, just seeing how everyone not media related feels.

Mark (Brookline): What more does Caron Butler have to do to at least enter the MVP discussion?

Dave McMenamin: (12:49 PM ET ) If the Wizards win 50 games, he'll have to be considered.

Dale (Phoenix): You gonna answer Noah (Santa Monica, CA)'s question about DJ strawberry, or just post it?

David Thorpe: (12:50 PM ET ) Sorry-I thought I posted an answer early on. It's not surprising.

Dave (Folsom): if he keeps it up, Salmons for MIP...hands down.

David Thorpe: (12:50 PM ET ) Salmons for MIP is a nice call-any word on his ankle?

Bob(ATL0: Hey, where's Alan Houston?

Dave McMenamin: (12:51 PM ET ) Probably just dusted off the old PS1 and is playing NBA LIVE 2000 and re-living the glory days when he got 20 points in his sleep.

Chuck Norris, Texas: This chat is even too tough for me to keep up with!

David Thorpe: (12:51 PM ET ) Serves you right for picking on McCain.

Dave McMenamin: (12:52 PM ET ) David moves fast, I take the blame for the lag time. Hopefully we can match up the questions and answers when we're done here.

Jake (Dallas): Before ESPN chats, what would you be doing right now?

David Thorpe: (12:52 PM ET ) Likely on the phone-or reading articles.

Mike, LA: Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. It's too bad he never cries.

David Thorpe: (12:52 PM ET ) Thanks Mike, line of the day.

Eddie (Fresno): Is it too early to declare Reggie Theus a legit NBA coach? He's taken a group that everyone thought was unmanageable last year and has them creeping up on being the feel good story of this year.

David Thorpe: (12:53 PM ET ) Reggie is doing fine, but that roster is better than people realized. Plus, Brad Miller is so much better than last year.

Brian (NYC): Daves, college hoops: Kansas or Mempshis, who's the true number 1?

Dave McMenamin: (12:54 PM ET ) Memphis has been to two straight elite eights and have more talent than all of Season 7 of American Idol so far. I like them at No. 1.

BP8(Slovenia): I really like Beno Udrih. He's done a great job in Sac-town. And he's very young. How good you think he can become? 20ppg?Star?All-star?Franchise leader? What do you think?

David Thorpe: (12:54 PM ET ) I don't love Beno, think he's more of a combo. But Kevin does, which is all that matters. He really likes playing with him. And Bibby played great last night too.

Brian (Cleveland): Before the season began, I predicted that Corey Brewer would be the biggest bust of the draft. I felt that his "great" perimeter shooting in the tournament was a fluke and that he would not be successful at all off the dribble in the NBA. Do you think that Brewer is the biggest bust so far?

David Thorpe: (12:55 PM ET ) Brewer the biggest bust? Not remotely. Could he be? Yes. Will he be? No.

Jason (Boston): Don't know if you missed or ignored my Kenny George question, so here it is again - do you think someone that slow and uncoordinated can actually be a factor in the NBA game?

Dave McMenamin: (12:55 PM ET ) I would say Gheorge Muresan was a factor for a couple of years. Sure.

Cain (New York): If Andrew Bynum had gone to college (I think he was going to U-Conn) where would he be ranked or drafted this year? Would he better than Hibbert?

David Thorpe: (12:56 PM ET ) #1 with a bullet. But don't assume he'd be as good as he is now-Kareem and the Lakers have been terrific.

Zach Randolph (MSG): Will keeping up with this chat help me to learn to focus, which I can then apply to defense? I don't want to get too winded.

Dave McMenamin: (12:56 PM ET ) This was all for you, Zebo. "Controlled Chaos." Try it next time you play Boston.

Ben (Saint Paul, MN): any shot of redick landing in MN? seems like it would be a great place for him to shine.

Dave McMenamin: (12:57 PM ET ) The Magic fly there once a year to play the T-Wolves, so I'd say there's a 100% chance.

Phil (LA): I think Bynum couldve easily won MIP if he had not gotten injured..top 10 rebound and #1 FG%, avg a double double

David Thorpe: (12:57 PM ET ) Good point Phil. Bynum was a clear MIP candidate.

Dave McMenamin: (12:58 PM ET ) Look out for Ronnie Brewer in the MIP race.

Nick (Tampa): Coach Thorpe My team is doing great! Haven't been able to use run n jump past the 1st quarter because of our leads! Everyone is progressing including us! My question is I don't feel like I am being challenged enough as a coach. I can't get a true evaluation of myself if I continue to coach at the YMCA. By the end of the season I will have coached about 50 games in the last 2 yrs. What would be the next logical progression for me? Thanks!!

David Thorpe: (12:58 PM ET ) Work all summer at camps, like at USF or Eckerd College or UF. Then try for a frosh or jv coach.

Ben (Saint Paul, MN): when chuck norris answers the phone, he simply says "go". this is not your cue to start talking, its your cue to start running.

David Thorpe: (12:58 PM ET ) It's all Chuck today. Nice. Is this in honor of Dave's beard?

Scott (Indy): Are you guys related? You know, since you are both named David?

Dave McMenamin: (12:59 PM ET ) The same way that Stacy Kiebler and Stacy King (formerly of the Chicago Bulls are related) = only through awesomeness.

andy (miami): Dudes, I'm tired of the 2 for 1 chat questions. But not so tired that I won't ask a question. Is Shaq done?

David Thorpe: (12:59 PM ET ) Shaq was done, is done, and will be done.

Ron (Toronto): Thorpe, What's run n jump?

David Thorpe: (12:59 PM ET ) It's a scrambling defense where players run and rotate from one offensive player to another.

David Thorpe: (1:00 PM ET ) Time to go. Fast and furious like I like it. Thanks Dave. We'll do this again and iron out any kinks.

Dave McMenamin: (1:01 PM ET ) Ha, just saw the beard comment. Whatever, one time Chuck Norris was ahead of me in line at Wendy's and ordered a Whopper. When they told him only Burger King had Whoppers he roundhouse kicked the side of the restaurant and it became a McDonald's. Then Chuck Norris said, "Good, what I really wanted was a McFlurry."

Dave McMenamin: (1:02 PM ET ) Thanks for having me, David. It was a blast.