By acquiring three-time All-Star Steve Francis, Isiah Thomas and the Knicks made the biggest splash.
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At first glance, Earl Watson was the best player traded today. It looks like teams are more looking to dump salary and get into position for the future by clearing salary cap space, which is something the salary cap and these big contracts have caused.

It's strange, because it seems to make some teams worse immediately. That didn't happen too often in the past.

As a coach, you get chaos and there has to be some disappointment. No one wants to lose, and unless the coach has an agreement with his GM, the owner or the team president, I don't think any coach wants to make his team worse.

And I think it would be very difficult for a coach to motivate the team. The players get the feeling that some people may not be in it to win.

Also, it's not easy to incorporate new people. The games keep coming at you, three, four, five ... Though, I think this situation is easier for a younger team in which you have players trying to improve through playing. To do this to a veteran team would be a disaster.

Back to Watson. I think it's a very good pickup for Seattle. The Sonics needed a backup to Luke Ridnour, who will break down after too many minutes. Ridnour's not a 40 minute player, but the Sonics needed someone after Antonio Daniels left for Washington.

Cleveland made a nice move for Flip Murray. With Larry Hughes going down, the Cavaliers needed another scorer and they got one in Murray. He wasn't playing much in Seattle, but there were times he made the most of his minutes.

As for the rest, I was surprised to see some deals that weren't made. Here in Atlanta, there were Al Harrington trade rumors every day. I also thought the Nuggets might move Kenyon Martin, but I guess they couldn't find anyone to pick up those big contracts.

I am pretty much befuddled with what New York has done.

I am not a great fan of Steve Francis. He rubbed me the wrong way when he came into the league and demanded that Vancouver trade him. He just isn't the type of player that can make your team better or that can get you where you are trying to get to. He is very talented, but his skills are built around his individual success and not around the success of a team.

Any time you take on such a brilliant nickname as "Franchise," that name has to have some validity behind it and I don't think he has shown that he is a franchise player. It is not going to work for him even moving to New York.

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It is going to take a lot of work between Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis to coexist on the basketball side. Larry Brown will lean with Francis at the point, as the main ball handler. I donít know how well this will sit with Stephon, because he likes to have the ball to penetrate and kick or score.

It will be a very interesting concept if these guys can coexist.

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In a four-team,
nine-player deal:

The Sonics acquired Earl Watson, Bryon Russell, a 2008 second-round pick and cash from the Nuggets.
The Nuggets acquired Reggie Evans from the Sonics, and Ruben Patterson and Charles Smith from the Trail Blazers.
The Trail Blazers acquired Voshon Lenard from the Nuggets and Brian Skinner from the Kings.
The Kings acquired Vitaly Potapenko from the Sonics and Sergei Monia from the Trail Blazers.
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The Cavaliers acquired Ronald Murray from the Sonics for Mike Wilks and cash.
The Hornets acquired Marc Jackson, Linton Johnson and cash from the Nets for Bostjan Nachbar.
The Heat acquired Derek Anderson from the Rockets for Gerald Fitch.
The Cavaliers acquired Lee Nailon and a 2006 second-round pick from the Sixers for a conditional 2006 second-round pick.
The Knicks acquired Steve Francis from the Magic for Trevor Ariza and Anfernee Hardaway.
Pistons-Magic: Milicic and Arroyo for Cato
Clippers-Sonics: Wilcox for Radmanovic
Hornets-Rockets: Lampe for Norris
Bobcats-Rockets: Keith Bogans for Lonny Baxter
Raptors-Knicks: Jalen Rose for Antonio Davis
Raptors-Hornets: Aaron Williams to the Hornets
Celtics-T'Wolves: Seven Player Deal
T'Wolves-Phoenix: Tskitishvili to Phoenix
Pacers-Kings: Artest for Peja