Sheer Wizardry!
Griffin Higgins holds up a jersey in honor of the Wizards' No. 1 draft pick.
Ray Amati/NBAE Photos
Call him old fashioned, but Wizards Assistant GM Rod Higgins relied on a lucky penny he found at the airport on his way to winning the 2001 Draft Lottery in Secaucus, N.J., on Sunday.
Jordan says Wizards have options
Rockets exchange picks with Magic
Warriors exercise option to take Pacers' 14th pick
Ties broken for NBA Draft order
Draft 2001 to be held in NYC

Lottery Q&As
Now that the order of the first 13 draft picks is set -- for the time being anyway -- read the reactions of the teams involved following the 2001 NBA Draft Lottery.
Winning team rep Rod Higgins chatted live

Energy of Youth
The NBA has announced its early entry candidates, including 58 high school and college players and 17 international players who have applied for consideration in the 2001 Draft on June 27 in New York City.
Early entry candidate history

Player Preview
Before you sink your teeth into NBA Draft 2001, we give you just a nibble of the players available to be selected by your favorite teams. Peruse their preliminary information and then check back in June for a full listing.
China's Yao won't enter 2001 draft

Draft Lottery Results
1. Washington19-63
2. L.A. Clippers 31-51
3. Atlanta 25-57
4. Chicago15-67
5. Golden State17-65
6. Vancouver23-59
7. New Jersey26-56
8. Cleveland30-52
9. Detroit32-50
10. Boston36-46
11. Denver40-42
12. Seattle44-38
13. Houston45-37

Croce Gone Crazy
Sixers president Pat Croce didn't even try to contain his enthusiasm after winning the 1996 Draft Lottery, prompting amused smiles and raised eyebrows from the rest of the team executives. Croce reflects on his Lottery success that laid the foundation for this year's playoff run.

Talking Lottery
Sonics head coach Nate McMillan ran through Seattle's needs and draft prospects as well as sharing a secret lucky charm for Sunday's Lottery when he chatted live on Tuesday.
Hawks coach Lon Kruger chatted live on Wednesday

Finding Lottery Winners
Struggling teams see their salvation in the Lottery, but some return year after year without getting much better. What is the significance of having the number one pick? Check out a chart detailing the success of the Lottery selections over the past two decades.

Year-by-Year Lottery Probabilities
The Nets had only a 4.4 percent chance last year, yet they beat the odds to take the No. 1 spot -- and subsequently Kenyon Martin -- by winning the 2000 Draft Lottery. See the probabilities for each team throughout the history of the Lottery.
Year-by-year Lottery picks
Top 13 Draft picks since 1980

Midwest Wins 2001 Nike Desert Classic
With a host of famous faces in the audience, including Wizards president Michael Jordan, a selection of college athletes competed in Phoenix in the second of the pre-draft tournaments to try to raise their stock for the upcoming NBA Draft 2001.
Diminuitive duo captures PIT championship

Best of the Best
The draft lottery isn't necessarily the savior of bad teams, but some super selections have turned the tide of a franchise's fortune.'s Chris Ekstrand reviews the best lottery picks of the last decade.