BOSTON, June 3 (AP) -- Michael Jordan's comeback -- if there is one -- could start at a summer league in Boston.

Michael Jordan
Will Michael Jordan continue to wear a suit or will he suit up for the Wizards?
Mitchell Layton/NBAE Photos
The Washington Wizards, which Jordan partly owns, are among 10 teams planning to send a squad to the eight-day workout league that starts July 16 at the University of Massachusetts-Boston campus. The Boston Globe, citing sources it did not identify, said officials at the school have been alerted that Jordan could begin his comeback there.

Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss said the team was hopeful that Jordan would play.

"From our vantage point, it would be wonderful," Twiss said. "There's nothing concrete to say that he was or he wasn't. It would seem to be a likely starting point should he decide to come back next year."

Matt Williams, spokesman for the Wizards, said it was too early to know what might happen.

"If he decides to come back, it's conceivable he could participate in the summer league. But at this point it's way to early to speculate," Williams said.

Rumors that Jordan, 38, would return have circulated for months. He is reportedly getting in shape to see if he could handle the grind of an 82-game schedule at or near the level that earned him six NBA titles and five MVP awards.

Fellow retiree Charles Barkley is also reportedly considering a return.

Jordan would have to sell his stake in the Wizards if he returned as a player.