April 15--A player scoring 50 points almost seems like a regular occurrence now. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has reached the half-century mark 10 times this season after finishing with 50 on 18-of-25 shooting from the field in a 109-98 win over the Sonics on Sunday.

Bryant joins Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain as the only players to reach the mark 10 times in a season. Chamberlain netted 50 points 30 times in 1962-63 and 45 times in 1961-62.

Bryant is one of six players this season to rack up at least 50 points, a feat also accomplished by Jamal Crawford, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd, Ray Allen and Richard Hamilton.

Overall, there have been 18 performances of at least 50 points this season, compared to 12 in the entire 2005-06 campaign. There were only eight 50-point efforts in 2004-05 and five in 2003-04.

Kobe Bryant 65 3/16/2007 LAL vs. POR (OT)
Gilbert Arenas 60 12/17/2006 WAS at LAL (OT)
Kobe Bryant 60 3/22/2006 LAL vs. MEM
Kobe Bryant 58 12/29/2006 LAL at CHA (3 OT)
Michael Redd 57 11/11/2006 MIL vs. UTA
Gilbert Arenas 54 12/22/2006 WAS at PHO (OT)
Ray Allen 54 01/12/2007 SEA vs. UTA (OT)
Kobe Bryant 53 12/15/2006 LAL vs. HOU (2 OT)
Kobe Bryant 53 3/30/2006 LAL vs. HOU
Michael Redd 52 3/4/2007 MIL vs. CHI (OT)
Jamal Crawford 52 01/26/2007 NYK vs. MIA
Kobe Bryant 52 11/30/2006 LAL vs. UTA
Richard Hamilton 51 12/27/2006 DET at NY (3 OT)
Gilbert Arenas 51 01/15/2007 WAS vs. UTA
Kobe Bryant 50 03/18/2007 LAL vs. MIN
Kobe Bryant 50 03/23/2007 SEA vs. NOK
Kobe Bryant 50 04/12/2007 LAL vs. LAC
Kobe Bryant 50 04/15/2007 SEA vs. LAL