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March 1, 2011

NETS Land in London

The NETS touched down at Heathrow today, and will open practice tomorrow for their pair of games against the Raptors this weekend. Today was light on the event schedule, but maybe that was a good thing after last evening's adventure ....

NETS Land in London
Well well well. Jolly good evening afternoon to all you chaps stateside. Your boy BC is checking in from the far side of the pond after an adventurous evening, spent racing toward JFK International Airport with Basketball Operations Coordinator Mike Murphy at the wheel after filing the fastest story of my 2 -season tenure with the team (overtime included!) because that wasnt fast enough for the third and final bus ferrying the squad for the cross-Atlantic express.

Murph impressively wheeled us on a GPS-aided ride up the Turnpike and over the GW/RFK Bridges to get the kid to Queens just as the bus was offloading the players and personnel. Who owes Double M lunch? This guy.

Any case, the flight itself was bumpy in the beginning, before a 6 -hour stretch of smooth sailing. Got to watch True Grit. (1 thumbs up I get it, I just dont think I need to see it again. Behind The Kings Speech, The Social Network and Black Swan for me; all those I wanted another look. Or at least an extension.) Food kept coming throughout and were talking actual dishes here: chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce and shrimp cocktail for an appetizer and eventually ears began to be enveloped under Beats by Dre, and tired teammates and staff nodded off.

Awakened with red eyes and six fewer hours than there were supposed to be in the day, we breezed through customs to take a tour on the team buses, getting a roundabout ride through the city streets that offered window-sized views of Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, the Tower of London, Big Ben, Harrods and the London Eye. Once we set up in the team hotel, everyones been playing a big game of Who Can Stay Awake the Longest? as we all try to avoid time difference dilemmas.

Ill be checking in with you crazy kids throughout the week, starting with practice tomorrow, and you should keep an eye on, as well as our Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest info.


--Posted by Ben Couch at 8:03/2:03 p.m.

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