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July 26th, 2010

Damion James Workout Q&A

This week, several Nets are training at the PNY Center in East Rutherford, a group including Terrence Williams and rookies Derrick Favors, Damion James, Ben Uzoh and Brian Zoubek. caught up with James for a few questions at the conclusion of Mondays workout. What did earning First-Team All-Summer League recognition in Orlando mean to you?

Damion James: Those are things I expect. I put hard work in. (For example,) I put a lot of hard work in college, and I was able to play right away. With that being said, those are my expectations. Nothing less. Were you annoyed the thumb injury kept you out of the final game?

James: Yeah. Coach really wasnt tripping he knows how hard I am, that Im a warrior, it had to be really something wrong with me to miss out. But it was a great time for me, being able to jell with the team that were going to have, the players that are going to come. What did you think of Derrick Favors 23 and 11 performance, getting to watch from the bench?

Oh, man. Those are things you expect out of the No. 3 draft pick, you know what Im saying? Hes young, but the skys the limit for that young man. I look forward to playing with him hes a great guy. What have you been working on since you got back?

James: Just conditioning. Back to lifting weights and playing ball again. I had a couple days off, but Im getting ready to go to Vegas and train out there. For the Tim Grgurich camp?

James: Yeah, itll be good for me. T-Will and Favors are going to be out there with me. I havent been to Vegas in a long time, so Im looking forward to going out there and playing ball again. What has the coaching staff told you about how they plan to utilize you?

Theyre looking for me to come in and play right away. Theyre going to use me a lot theyre looking for me to score and be a pitbull, and thats what I am. What about the teams offseason moves you looking forward to playing with these guys?

I think were going to be in a lot of ball games, have a lot more victories. Its a big chance to turn this franchise around, and I just want to be a big part of that.

BONUS: Damion’s Message to Fans

--Posted by Ben Couch at 12:39 p.m.

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