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Thorn's Take: Roster Breakdown
April 22, 2009

East Rutherford, N.J. Now that the Nets' 2008-09 season has come to a close, President Rod Thorn sat down with for an exclusive look at how the players fared this year.

Vince Carter:

"I think Vince had a tremendous year, both on the court and in the locker room. I think he was a very positive influence on our younger players with his support. And there are very few guys in this league who can average 20 points, five rebounds and five assists, so you have to give him credit. I think he had a great year."
Devin Harris:
"Devin, until he got nicked up and injured, was playing great: an All-Star, raised his offensive capabilities a whole level. His passing got better and better, I thought, as the season went on. A tremendous talent, obviously a candidate for Most Improved Player. A great year."
Brook Lopez:
"Improved every month as the season wore on; great hands, great size, still learning. Can shoot the ball, pass the ball; skill-wise hes very, very good. He needs experience, to get a little stronger and improve on the defensive end of the floor. Hell be a terrific player."
Ryan Anderson:
"Ryans season was up-and-down. He got to play early and did well, then he didnt play and then he came back and played and I thought he got better, particularly the last month of the season when he got in there and had some really good games and strong efforts. Hes a strong offensive rebounder, learning in other ways. I think hell turn out to be a rotation player. Hes got a great attitude and hes a terrific kid."
Chris Douglas-Roberts:
"Give Chris a lot of credit; he hardly played at all at the beginning of the year, but continued to work hard, got better and when his time came, he took advantage of it. hes as confident as anybody on our team, hes got deceiving size: he doesnt look as big as he is. When he goes to the bucket, hes got great finish on his drive game. An improving shooter, and I think hes got a good future."
Keyon Dooling:
"Keyon played two positions for us. In the locker room, hes a very feisty, tough, competitive guy. Improved his shooting, particularly on threes. A key guy for us, whether he came off the bench or, as in the latter part of the year, was starting for us. I thought he played really well."
Jarvis Hayes:
"Jarvis had two years where he was injured or didnt play much. Had a terrific year for us: made shots, turned out to be one of our best perimeter defenders, great attitude the kind of guy everyone wants to be around, competitive and brought great energy and scoring power off the bench."
Bobby Simmons:
"Bobby started for the biggest part of the year, then got hurt and lost his job. Once he started coming off the bench is when our bench got a lot better. He has the unique ability to sit for long periods and then come into a game and make an open shot. Played very well for us, played power forward and was another good veteran who did a lot for us in the locker room and didnt complain when things didnt go great. He can play."
Yi Jianlian:
"Yi had his ups and downs early. Right before he got hurt, he was playing his best ball of the year. He can shoot the ball, hes athletic and can run the court. He needs to work, needs to just play more, and add strength."
Josh Boone:
"Josh was kind of up and down, had some real good moments, some not-so-good. Athletic, good hands, nice feel for the game, understands how to play. Needs to work on his shot obviously, his free throws and really get himself in top condition."

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