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May 29, 2009

Travelin' Man (Devin Harris)

I just got back from a great vacation in the Islands. I come out here one or two times every year -- Caymans to be exact. Spent some good quality time with my friends, cleared my head a little bit, got refocused so I can come back to what I like to call reality.

Im still not readjusted from the time difference after going to China last week. My sleeping patterns are all messed up. But obviously the goal of a vacation is to do nothing, and now its trying to get back into the swing of things, whether its working out or anything. I was working out before I left for China, but Ill be back at it Monday in Dallas, where Im visiting family. Im looking forward to spending time with my nephew; weve got a daily regimen we like to do. And itll be good seeing my brother and my other family members.

It surprised me that the plane ride to China wasnt that bad! And the food was actually pretty good. Those are the two things I was worried about the most, and ended up being two things I actually enjoyed. The plane ride, 12 hours from San Francisco, I kind of breezed right through. Once I got there, I was wondering about what would I be eating Im not a big Chinese food guy. But I found some stuff I liked. They had some American stuff, and some of the Chinese stuff they had, like the breakfast food, was similar to ours, just with a different kind of flavor to it. So it wasnt too bad.

Yi told me a few places he thought I would like. Obviously the big things that everybody goes to are the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. But also some other places that I went to. The Great Wall was tremendous. It was a sight Ive never seen before. I would recommend that to anybody who goes that way. You have to make it the first thing you see. The Forbidden City, I would recommend people not go to see the whole thing in the same day, which I chose to do. It was a little tiring, but culture-wise that was something that intrigued me. All in all, there was a lot of stuff that I wouldnt have been able to see if I hadnt made the trip, so Im really glad that I did.

Me and Brook spent a lot of time together, probably more than we did during the season. I got to see a little different side of him. Obviously were going to be playing together for quite some time, so Im really, really glad I got to spend some time with him off the court, see what hes like on an everyday basis. It was weird to see him without Ryan for once, but he had one of his brothers, so it was just like his buddy was there.

The driving out there is like New York traffic times 100. They cut each other off like you wouldnt believe near accidents maybe five or six times a ride. But everybody does it, so I guess that theyre more accustomed to it.

At the Adidas Nations camp, they had a couple players I noticed . One guy, who was from Australia, was actually pretty decent probably the most skilled guy in the camp. A point guard that they had was really good, and they had one team that was really good played very well together, had a lot of energy, had a lot of enthusiasm and pretty much brought it every time they were on the court.

I picked the former coaches brains a little bit. But probably Eddie Johnsons shooting tips for three-pointers are what I picked up the most as far as the basketball side. Those are secrets. Secrets!

Where Amazing Happens
Ive been keeping up with the playoff scores. We didnt get to see a lot of the games during the week, but I get to see the highlights on the Internet, the interviews, stuff like that. Its looking like Orlando and probably the Lakers.

Im surprised at how close the games have been. If you look at the first couple rounds Clevelands First-Round series was pretty much a blowout game every game; Denver had a 60-point win against New Orleans. But now Orlando-Cleveland has been close games every time out, and the Lakers and Denver, someones only won by double-digits once.

There have been a lot of Kobe vs. LeBron commercials. Im not going to come down on a side though. Nope. Im not going to. Cant say anything that will come back to burn me next season.

(Al)Most Improved Player
Obviously I thought I had a better shot to win. Didnt happen that way, but I dont let things build up on me too much. Just makes me want to work a little bit harder. Its something Im not really concerned with. I thought Danny had a great year as well. Im kind of friends with Danny, so no love lost there.

Ive always known what I need to do to get myself where I need to be. Im used to measuring myself at my own pace. My goals are going to change, but keeping myself healthy is the more important thing right now. Working at being out there every day and preventing injuries will help me most improve as a player.

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