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September 21st, 2009

Battling Brian Hamilton (CDR)

Wassup blog fam? It's your boy Chris Douglas-Roberts, and I want yall to know I got the most wins in the gym today, and dont let nobody tell you otherwise!

Ive been going at it with Brian Hamilton, just like last year at training camp. I really respect Brians approach to the game. A lot of the veterans on our team say that hes the best on-ball defender that theyve ever seen and thats guys like Keyon and Jarvis that have been in the league nine or 10 years. So if it were my preference, Id want him to guard me every game because I know thats making me better.

A lot of guys dont compete on the defensive end, but I seen that in him probably the second day of training camp he really got after it. I approached him immediately, and said, If you ever get the chance, I want us to match up, because youre not gonna do anything but make me better. I like competing and I dont want an easy go on offense. Brian told me that Im a very tough guard, so its a mutual respect. And were cool off the court, getting lunch every day. Were good friends.

You can tell hes gotten better in the past year. First and foremost, you go to any coach in the NBA and the first thing theyre going to preach to you is defense, and thats what he brings. We have 15 players, so as of now we have no roster sports, but hopefully he gets on somewhere. At the end of the day, I tell him, Its about getting paid to play basketball, and youll always have a job somewhere because of the tenacity you have on defense.

Picking Up A Killer Instinct
I saw the article that said Terrence tore up the gym in our pickup games. Terrence is playing well with us. And Keyon shouting me out was cool. Respect! Im just trying to improve.

My approach to the game is killer: youve got to be a killer out there. When Im playing, I have absolutely no friends or no sympathy for anybody. Its as simple as that. Im trying to kill you out there, and thats what people see.

Your play stands out. I do a lot of talking on the floor, but I back it up. And Ive always been known to back it up. Ive never just been a guy to talk and nothing comes after that. Ever since college, Ive been proving people wrong.

And thats what Keyon said. He said my best asset he thinks is my killer instinct and my ability to persuade people. He said I can make people run through a brick wall for me. Like I said, when it comes to basketball I have no sympathy. If I can manipulate a situation, if I can manipulate somebody on the floor, if I can take your heart, thats what Ima do. And thats exactly what Ive been doing. Every time Im on the floor, thats what Im going for.

Chris Doug TV!!!
My first video was definitely going to be about heading to the gym at all hours of the night, because I say it, but I still feel that people dont believe me: Oh, he can say whatever he wants on Twitter he could be at home. It was a Friday night. And I promise on everything I had VIP tickets to Jay-Zs concert that night and I didnt go. I went to the gym and I just wanted to show people Im not just talking. Im really doing this. Its evident and I want you to see it.

It took a lot to turn down the tickets. But Jay is my guy, Im pretty sure that wont be his last and Ive already been to one. At the end of the day, its about me and my game.

But if it was Gucci Mane, Ida been there! Hahahahaha. Nahh. For the record, Id never disrespect Jay-Zs one of the best ever. I cant even compare Gucci to him, but Gucci is hot right now.

I Twittered about it, but didnt see Kanyes outburst til after the fact. Kanye was I have no clue what Kanye was really thinking on that, but I heard that he was a little intoxicated, under the influence, and thats what led to that.

But it was very unprofessional and I feel like it tarnished his image a little bit, though I feel his apology was sincere. He said hes going to take time away to reflect on his life, and thats the best thing. Hes feeling bad about that right now.

At the time, everyone on Twitter was talking about the VMAs, and I wasnt watching. I came back from the gym and everyone was talking about what happened. I felt like the kid coming to school and everyones talking about wrestling, and I had nothing to talk about.

I know I also mentioned on there that I got taller over the summer. Before he got traded, I was here for Vinces camp. Last year, we were probably the same, but Coach Frank was in there, and he was like, Youre taller than Vince now! So I measured myself. Its not ridiculous Im still 6-7, but Im a little taller. Just a little bit.

Ive definitely picked up five or six pounds in the weight room. On my frame, its not gonna show, but I definitely feel stronger and have been playing through bumps and getting my handles on, punishing people on offense too.

Bengals Behaving ... Better
Kieko and Kiana are better behaved now. But theyre still in that exploring mode where theyre jumping on everything. Theyre jumping on the windows, jumping on the screens. They already tore one of my screens up. At the end of the day, its aight. Theyre a little sporadic now, but when they get older theyll be more relaxed.

Theyre about two months old now. I got em when they were fresh kittens. Theyre definitely inside cats they cant even go out. I had to sign a contract saying they cant be outside, so Im living up to that. Theyre just a rare breed, and they dont want them mating other types. They just want the breed to stay pure and dont want any inbreeds or anything like that.

Labor Day Love-In
Aw, man, my Labor Day party was a hit. It was definitely a hit. I took a lot of my friends out, I took my brother out, my brothers girlfriend. Everyone came out and it was a great time and there was no trouble. It was easy sailing. Thats the way parties have got to be.

Camp Can't Come Soon Enough
Thats about it, man. Everything is coming together. Im real excited for the beginning of the season, and Im excited that the guys are excited about me. Im excited about the team. I see a different work ethic this year. I see Josh Boone staying after. I see guys actually putting something into their game and that is nothing but positive. When you put time into your game, you cant get worse. At the very least, you cant get worse. Thats what I see, and I think were going to be good.

Chris Douglas-Roberts
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