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October 18th, 2009

Season Starting Soon ... at SF (CD-R)

Yes yes!! I'm not in the best of moods these days (personal, don't ask) but I can't neglect y'all. Anyway, me playing small forward is a shock to everybody except the guys who have been in practice. Itís not really a shock to me Ė Iíve been getting all my reps at small forward since camp has started. Everybody thought that when C-Lee was injured, I was filling in for him, but that wasnít the case.

The "outsiders" projecting Iíd be a scorer off the bench really meant nothing to me. I was just paying close attention to what the staff was saying and how we were building this team. I paid ZERO attention to the outside, because I was getting most of my reps at the 3 anyway. I understand the "outsiders" now. They create their own truths and write about it, ha! They have to write interesting, controversial stories because nobody wants to read a boring story. The CD-R vs C-Lee thing was interesting to read so they ran with it. I kind of understand. Can't hate on anybodys hustle. Respecttt!

If you look at it, we havenít been healthy. We havenít had our whole team the whole preseason. When Devin and Jarvis were playing with us, we looked pretty good! The preseason is about looking at different lineups to see which ones work the best. To me, these games do matter, but to the rest of the NBA, the preseason is an evaluating process.

Last year was a new experience Ė Iíd never been on a team that was under .500 my whole career. I understand this is the NBA, this is the highest level to play on, but I donít want to be a part of that, and Iím not preparing like I'm going to be on a bad team. I prepare myself to be on a good team. All positive thinking.

I want us to be one of those tough, hard-nosed teams: more fights in practice!!! There's nothing like being on a team full of killers who have each other's back. That's how we were at Memphis. We WILL be that team.

Braylonís Big Games
I was excited about Braylon Edwards playing well the other night in his debut against the Dolphins. I just support people from Detroit no matter what. LeBron James is my familia, weíre close, so whatever is going on with them has nothing to do with me. I was just happy to see a Detroit guy do well. But if it came down to siding with LeBron or Braylon, I personally know LeBron, and I donít know Braylon. Iím just happy heís doing well. Deeeeeeeeee-troittttttttttttttttt! Yes yes!!

True Religion, False Fit
Every time I post, I'll mention something about clothes: "Free Advice from Fresh on Being Fly." So everybody knows I'm not a fan on men wearing extra-tight or extra-small clothes. I went to the True store looking for a jean jacket and they make those jackets really small. They make them for guys 5-10 and under. They make them so short I couldnít even fit a 3X. So I just settled for some Rock & Republic jeans instead (sigh).

Fellas if the pants or shirt doesn't fit, DON'T BUY IT! You end up looking Urkel. The Urkel look isn't in. Might as well get the wingtips and the bi-focals to top the 'fit off. I promise you that's not in. Promise.

Athlete of the Decade (Almost)
I seen, through Twitter, that the Memphis Flyer named me Memphisí No. 3 Athlete of the Decade. Somebody linked that, and that means a lot to me, man, because I touched a lot of people in Memphis. You donít know how much you mean to a place or how much a place means to you until youíre gone. And thatís what Iíve realized. I obviously mean a lot to the city of Memphis, and Iím proud of that. I love Memphis. Yes yes.

I didnít know my mom had commented on the post. I had no idea. But my mom is really active with that stuff. That's fine, but I wish she wouldnít be as active as she is with the other stuff because she sees some stuff she doesnít want to see. Y'all know how a mother gets when she reads something negative about her son. Hahahaha. In her eyes, I'm still little Chris who needs help with his homework. Itís all good though.

Itís obviously great to have that support. Sheís always been there, no matter what. When I left school early, she was behind me 100%. I feel like Kanye: "My mama told me go to school, get ya doctorate / something to fall back on, you could profit with / but still supported me when I did the opposite."

I am going to finish up Ma ... ;-) Maybe.

I got the neck tattoo of her name when I was 19. She didnít want me to do it, but I just got it behind her back. She didnít know, but once I got it, it was over. She couldn't tell me to erase it.

When I wear my suits and my longsleeve shirts, you canít see my other tattoos. This is the only visible one because it means the most to me. I donít care what someone says about my motherís name on my neck Ė itís my mother. Thereís not anything they can say; itís not a meaningless tattoo. Yes, it's on my neck but so what! The most meaningful tattoo I have is the one that will always be showing. Yes yessss!

October 5th, 2009

Preseason Starts Ė for Me & My Squad (CD-R)

Yes yes! I really donít have a reaction to our preseason opener. We lost the game, so thatís what Iím focusing on right now. I play for wins and respect. Stats don't matter. What I did personally doesnít matter to me.

Courtney was out with foot inflammation so he wasn't able to play. I have something to prove to myself this year, and I have something to prove to everybody else, so whoeverís in the lineup doesnít matter. It was just a preseason game, but I think I took steps toward that.

At the end of the day, Iím going to go out and play the way Iím going to play. And I really donít care what anybody thinks but myself. I do think overall, as a team, we have to get better ... but so does every team in the league in early October.

Tweeting & TV Therapy
The new league Twitter policy is fine. I wouldnít have done that anyway. I barely look at my phone on a game day Ė so twittering 45 minutes before a game is really unheard of. My main focus on a game day is the actual game! NOT Twitter. At the end of the day, the NBA signs the checks, so itís their call. Twitter isn't more important than my career.

I saw T-Will retweeted my line about the difference between me and everybody else being that I wake up exicted for practice. Helluva comment, right? But thatís what it is Ė if youíre not passionate about this game or what you do for a living, you wonít succeed. The way I look at it is, I wake up and I say, ďThank God I have another day I can play basketball, itís another day I can do the thing that I do best."

Iíve been making sure to replenish my energy, too. Last year, I wasnít really resting like that. Itís still hard for me to ďrest,Ē but I take a lot of 45-minute naps now. At night, I still donít go to bed ítil like 3 a.m. Me and my brother Jason (@jayrob76), we suffer from insomnia.

Itís just hard for me to go to sleep, because at night those shows start coming on Ė my shows. Family Guy comes on at 2 and 2:30am, then you turn Good Times on. Itís just like, ďDamn! Iím still up.Ē

And Tool Academy? That show is hilarious. Those guys on there are amazing to me. They went on TV, thinking they were going on a reality show to be the "biggest partyer-whatever...but they were just with other girls, and they had girlfriends at home. They were doing it on TV, so eventually it was going to come on air. However their girlfriends sent them to Tool Academy. Hahahaha. Idiots. How are you going to cheat on TV!!!??? And then act embarrassed and remorseful! Then top it off with the crying! Hahahahahah. Hiiilarious! It's a comedy to me.

The Name Game
So yíall know: the media started calling me ďCD-R,Ē and Coach Barbee & Dick Vitale gave me ďBucketsĒ at Memphis, but back in Detroit, Iím ďFresh.Ē First it was more like ďDougey Fresh.Ē Then, as I started growing up, it was more like I was the cleanest, freshest, smooth, debonair guy growing up in the neighborhood, so they just cut the ďDougeyĒ off and started calling me ďFresh.Ē And it really fits.

Hahahahahaahahahahaaaa! Seriously though, I prefer Chris or Fresh. CD-R is for those media people.

Iím ready for this cold weather. Iím from Detroit, so I like coats, I like hoodies, I like sweaters. And I like wearing jeans Ė a lot of guys base their whole outfit around wearing shoes; I base mine off jeans. The jeans, then the shoes and then the top. And I might have an overcoat. I just bought some Gucci rubber duckies the other day, and somebody asked me, ďRubber duckies?! You got some rain boots? Gucci rain boots??Ē And I was like, ďHold hold hold, it might rain one day. I need to be prepared.Ē

If Iím basing an outfit off íem, I donít like a lot of stuff on the jeans. A lot of guys have a lot of stuff on the jeans, like real colorful pockets, and Iím not on that. Iím not on that at all *Cough* Trent *Cough* B-Ham wears Levis, and I 'm really not on that, either. You might catch me in some Tavernitis, Meks, Laguna Beach, Monarchy. My new favorite jeans are PRPS. Thereís no telling what I might be in ...

Grow(l)ing Pains
Even though the Lions didnít win Sunday, weíre looking up. Weíre a young team and we're getting better. Us growing as a unit will be vital in our development. In two years, weíre going to have the second-best receiver in the NFL, next to Andre Johnson from the Texans. Calvin Johnson will be No. 2! Resssssspectttt.

September 21st, 2009

Battling Brian Hamilton (CD-R)

Wassup blog fam? It's your boy Chris Douglas-Roberts, and I want yíall to know I got the most wins in the gym today, and donít let nobody tell you otherwise!

Iíve been going at it with Brian Hamilton, just like last year at training camp. I really respect Brianís approach to the game. A lot of the veterans on our team say that heís the best on-ball defender that theyíve ever seen Ė and thatís guys like Keyon and Jarvis that have been in the league nine or 10 years. So if it were my preference, Iíd want him to guard me every game because I know thatís making me better.

A lot of guys donít compete on the defensive end, but I seen that in him probably the second day of training camp Ė he really got after it. I approached him immediately, and said, ďIf you ever get the chance, I want us to match up, because youíre not gonna do anything but make me better.Ē I like competing and I donít want an easy go on offense. Brian told me that Iím a very tough guard, so itís a mutual respect. And weíre cool off the court, getting lunch every day. Weíre good friends.

You can tell heís gotten better in the past year. First and foremost, you go to any coach in the NBA and the first thing theyíre going to preach to you is defense, and thatís what he brings. We have 15 players, so as of now we have no roster sports, but hopefully he gets on somewhere. At the end of the day, I tell him, ďItís about getting paid to play basketball, and youíll always have a job somewhere because of the tenacity you have on defense.Ē

Picking Up A Killer Instinct
I saw the article that said Terrence ďtore up the gymĒ in our pickup games. Terrence is playing well with us. And Keyon shouting me out was cool. Respect! Iím just trying to improve.

My approach to the game is killer: youíve got to be a killer out there. When Iím playing, I have absolutely no friends or no sympathy for anybody. Itís as simple as that. Iím trying to kill you out there, and thatís what people see.

Your play stands out. I do a lot of talking on the floor, but I back it up. And Iíve always been known to back it up. Iíve never just been a guy to talk and nothing comes after that. Ever since college, Iíve been proving people wrong.

And thatís what Keyon said. He said my best asset Ė he thinks Ė is my killer instinct and my ability to persuade people. He said I can make people run through a brick wall for me. Like I said, when it comes to basketball I have no sympathy. If I can manipulate a situation, if I can manipulate somebody on the floor, if I can take your heart, thatís what Iíma do. And thatís exactly what Iíve been doing. Every time Iím on the floor, thatís what Iím going for.

Chris Doug TV!!!
My first video was definitely going to be about heading to the gym at all hours of the night, because I say it, but I still feel that people donít believe me: ďOh, he can say whatever he wants on Twitter Ė he could be at home.Ē It was a Friday night. And I promise on everything I had VIP tickets to Jay-Zís concert that night and I didnít go. I went to the gym and I just wanted to show people Iím not just talking. Iím really doing this. Itís evident and I want you to see it.

It took a lot to turn down the tickets. But Jay is my guy, Iím pretty sure that wonít be his last and Iíve already been to one. At the end of the day, itís about me and my game.

Ö But if it was Gucci Mane, Iída been there! Hahahahaha. Nahh. For the record, Iíd never disrespect Ė Jay-Zís one of the best ever. I canít even compare Gucci to him, but Gucci is hot right now.

I Twittered about it, but didnít see Kanyeís outburst ítil after the fact. Kanye was Ö I have no clue what Kanye was really thinking on that, but I heard that he was a little intoxicated, under the influence, and thatís what led to that.

But it was very Ö unprofessional and I feel like it tarnished his image a little bit, though I feel his apology was sincere. He said heís going to take time away to reflect on his life, and thatís the best thing. Heís feeling bad about that right now.

At the time, everyone on Twitter was talking about the VMAs, and I wasnít watching. I came back from the gym and everyone was talking about what happened. I felt like the kid coming to school and everyoneís talking about wrestling, and I had nothing to talk about.

I know I also mentioned on there that I got taller over the summer. Before he got traded, I was here for Vinceís camp. Last year, we were probably the same, but Coach Frank was in there, and he was like, ďYouíre taller than Vince now!Ē So I measured myself. Itís not ridiculous Ė Iím still 6-7, but Iím a little taller. Just a little bit.

Iíve definitely picked up five or six pounds in the weight room. On my frame, itís not gonna show, but I definitely feel stronger and have been playing through bumps and getting my handles on, punishing people on offense too.

Bengals Behaving ... Better
Kieko and Kiana are better behaved now. But theyíre still in that exploring mode where theyíre jumping on everything. Theyíre jumping on the windows, jumping on the screens. They already tore one of my screens up. At the end of the day, itís aight. Theyíre a little sporadic now, but when they get older theyíll be more relaxed.

Theyíre about two months old now. I got íem when they were fresh kittens. Theyíre definitely inside cats Ė they canít even go out. I had to sign a contract saying they canít be outside, so Iím living up to that. Theyíre just a rare breed, and they donít want them mating other types. They just want the breed to stay pure and donít want any inbreeds or anything like that.

Labor Day Love-In
Aw, man, my Labor Day party was a hit. It was definitely a hit. I took a lot of my friends out, I took my brother out, my brotherís girlfriend. Everyone came out and it was a great time and there was no trouble. It was easy sailing. Thatís the way parties have got to be.

Camp Can't Come Soon Enough
Thatís about it, man. Everything is coming together. Iím real excited for the beginning of the season, and Iím excited that the guys are excited about me. Iím excited about the team. I see a different work ethic this year. I see Josh Boone staying after. I see guys actually putting something into their game and that is nothing but positive. When you put time into your game, you canít get worse. At the very least, you canít get worse. Thatís what I see, and I think weíre going to be good.

September 4th, 2009

Pickup Games & Cursing the Cats (CD-R)

Wassup Nets fam? Itís your boy Chris Douglas-Roberts. Weíve just been coming in and playing pickup, getting acclimated. Everybodyís trying to learn each otherís game and itís really been good. What Iíve got from it, now that weíre at the end of the week, is weíre really athletic, weíre really running and weíre going to be a different-looking team. I see us as a guard-oriented team with a really good big, like Golden State Ė the running Golden State. But weíre going to try and put defense in that, too.

When we shoot at night, I like to come in by myself. And T-Will comes in by himself too. Iím really happy that heís working out. I think that rubbed off on him a little bit.

Early on, Terrence was fresh off the Louisville system and not the NBA system, and itís different. I been trying to school him with the pick-and-rolls because heís a really big point guard. Thatís how I see him. I see his future position as point guard, and being a whiz on the pick-and-rolls will really increase your value and thatís all Iíve really been trying to tell him. That and to shoot the jumper -- if itís a pocket jumper, shoot it. Donít be overly passive. Thatís what he is right now, but once he figures out how to pick his spots Ė when to pass, when to shoot Ė heís going to be real good.

I didnít think Iíd be teaching pick-and-rolls as a point at this time last year, but Iím just trying to pass it down to increase the value of our team. Vince did it with me and Keyon did it with me, so Iím just trying to pass the knowledge down.

As for the other new guys, Iíve only played with Skiptwice, but heís just a lovable guy. Youíve got to love Skip. But on the basketball court, heís very vocal and he really knows how to play. He can really pass, thatís what I really like about him Ė he pushes the ball and he loves to pass. C-Lee is athletic. What I really see is his midrange game; he stops and pops. But heís really unselfish too. I like those guys.

Itís crazy watching Skip. When weíre playing in this NBA system, thatís what heís in, an NBA system. Thereís no streetball, because he knows that streetball wonít work here. But what does carry over from streetball is his ballhandling. He can really handle the ball. And I canít reiterate it enough Ė he really knows how to play. He knows when to skip passes, when to shoot it. Heís a real floor general.

This year Iím going to be much more vocal. Iím in my second year, but Coach Frank says, ĎJust because youíre in your second year doesnít mean you canít be one of the leaders on this team.í So Iím going to be much more vocal and Iíve started that while weíve been playing. And Iím really gonna emphasize defense this year because a lot of games last year we lost were because of little defensive mistakes, especially late in the year when we were pushing for the playoffs. Iím definitely going to be on that, and Iím happy I can step in and be more vocal this year.

Weíve got a lot of 2ís and 3ís competing for minutes, but Iím just going to do me at the end of the day. I know the work Iíve put in over the summer, and you could ask anybody on the team about me and they can see what I put out on the court. The minutes arenít going to be up to me. But what is up to me is the work I put in. My whole approach for the game is totally different from last year to this year. Iíve been in here crazy, like I promised. Thatís the only thing Iím worried about. With everything else, I know wassup.

Tweeting About the Twins
I think Twitterís a great thing for the fans. Itís really a way for them to interact with you; it just lets them know what youíre doing. Social media is really a good tool for all of us NBA players, because fans really want a little of the inside on what weíre doing anyway, so thatís the best way to give it to íem.

I just got two Bengal cats. Two little tigers, Kieko and Kiana, two girls. Theyíre really expensive cats; theyíre a rare breed. Currently, theyíre tearing up my house, but I love Ďem, man. Iím still trying to train íem and work everything out, but I do.

Growing up, I had a dog and we always had cats. Theyíre real independent, so I donít always have to be around. But Iím a pet person. Itís just a must that I have to have pets at my house, so I decided on these two.

The hardest day was the second day because I got them these leopard beds, and they just used the bathroom in íem! I was very mad, and I think they picked that up. I was cursing íem out like ďDonít ÖĒ You know. Then they picked that up and started going in the litter and weíve been good after that. When push comes to shove, I just have to curse them out. Obviously, that works for them, but that second day was rough.

Making My Money Grow
With this economy, Iíve really been looking into the real estate business. A lot of people say, ĎOh, this is the worst time to get into real estate,í but Iím not thinking that way. Iím thinking down the road Ė itíll take patience Ė this could really be big for me. I have an active mind, and I think of a lot of different stuff to increase my wealth, because basketball has given me an opportunity to increase my wealth in other ways.

Iíve been talking to Keyon, and he said, ĎRemember that youíre in charge of everything.í I always knew that, but a lot of guys get mixed up and donít remember that the agents work for them and the financial people work for us at the end of the day, so we move when we want to move. So if they have advice, just be open and communicate and be vocal. Keyon told me, ĎYou stay on top of your stuff and donít be scared to communicate and reach out and expand.í

My Favorite Martin
I know it's old, but Martin is hilarious. You could still put Martin in today, even though youíve seen it a million times, and itís still new. Itís so fresh. Martin was ahead of his time. It was í93, í94, but he was so far ahead of his time that the stuff is still funny.

My brother used to watch it, my mother used to watch it. I was younger, but it was funny then. Now I can really appreciate the humor and I can really appreciate what he was bringing. Man, talking about it is gonna make me go watch it. I actually have it in my car. When Iím driving, at a red light I can catch a little bit, and I can hear it in between. Itís a great show and heís brilliant to have made so many seasons of that and itís still funny.

Picking my personal favorite episode is tough Ö thereís so many! But itís gotta be when he gets the ticket and heís in the courtroom representing hisself. He was his own lawyer and he was acting foolish in the courtroom and it was hilarious to me. I could pick so many, but thatís the one that pops in my head first.

Labor day Layoff
Iím going back to Detroit this weekend, throwing a party for Labor Day on Sunday. It should be a good time. I had a party in June that was a big hit. Iím barely in Detroit, so when Iím back itís all love. Detroit has really embraced me. I carry them on my shoulders. Like shoulder pads.

Iím coming right back though, no rest for too long. Iím going to eat good and enjoy myself, but then itís back to business.

Chris Douglas-Roberts
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