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April 17, 2009

Thanks for a Season of Support! (Taylor)

Can you believe another season has come and gone? From Devin Harris's game-winning buzzer-beater to our awesome Nets Kids Talent Search, it has been another incredible season thanks to all of you! Nets Dancer Auditions will be here before I know it, and we will be back at the Izod Center doing what we do best! Meanwhile, stay updated with what the Nets Dancers are doing during the offseason by joining us on both on Facebook and on Myspace.

Thank you again for all the support throughout the year. We are greatful for having such adoring fans, and I can't wait to see you next season!

The Divas love dunking
Halftime at the April 13 Nets home game featured the first ever Dunking Divas and Team Hype Dunk Show. The amazing skills of Team Hype and Sly took our show to a whole new level, and the performance was an amazing success. The fan response was incredible, as was the energy of the two collaborating entertainment teams. The Dunking Divas will team up with Team Hype and Sly again next season to bring you routines full of high-flying, hard-hitting dunking action!

So You think You Can Dance?
Calling all dancers ... of all ages and abilities! Join us as Nets Basketball launches the Nets Dance Academy this spring.
The Nets Dance Academy will be offering Adult Hip Hop Classes, Nets Kids Clinics, Nets Dancer Clinics, as well as Nets Dancer Boot Camp.

Attending the Nets Dancer Clinic and Boot Camp definitely helped give me an edge at the 2007-08 dance team auditions. I learned choreography straight from the on-court routines, and received one-on-one feeback from the team captains and Entertainment Manager Kimberlee Garris. Attending the Academy was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it to all dancers from those just looking to have fun to those hoping to take their training to the next level. Hopefully I will see you there!

March 31, 2009

Don't Miss the Dunking Divas! (Laura)

Hello Nets Fans! The Dunking Divas had a riveting exhibition at the Nets-Lakers game on March 27th. Not only did we smash our individual high-flying athletic dunks, but we rocked our passes!

Be sure to witness our halftime Dunk Show April 13th as we collaborate with Team Hype to show off of the most dynamic trampoline dunking skills ever to hit the court. The Dunking Divas, Team Hype, and Nets Mascot Sly are currently strategizing and rehearsing to showcase an amazing performance. Fans, be witnesses!

My Favorite Routine
The Nets Dancers learn and perform more than 30 routines every season in diverse styles such as jazz, hip hop, Broadway, Latin, and swing.
This season my favorite routine is "Smooth Criminal." Its dynamic and demands endurance, and I would say its definitely a fan favorite. The routine breaks us away from all stereotypes and reveals us as technically trained dancers.

Vote NETS!
The Nets Dancers advanced to the third round of the NBA Dance Team Bracket by defeating the Indiana Pacemates 67-33 percent. Thanks to your votes we are now a part of the Elite Eight. We need your support as we challenge the Charlotte Lady Cats for a spot in the Final Four. Voting begins at 2 p.m. TODAY, so please cast your votes early and often!

Yours, Laura

March 24, 2009

Magazine Madness (Taylor)

Hi Nets Fans! As you may already know, I was one of the 10 NBA dancers featured in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. From the minute the issue hit stands I felt as if I hit the ground running: there were interviews, television appearances, and the launch party.

My phone started ringing at 8 a.m. the morning of the Web site launch. I reluctantly turned on my computer to see my face staring back at me. It was such a surreal moment, because I then realized that a lot of people were going to see the issue!

Being part of the swimsuit edition was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, and I want to thank our awesome fans for all the support!

Shortly after the Swimsuit Edition came out, the Nets Dancers were featured in a major dance publication called Dance Spirit Magazine. Four of the Nets Dancers Cecilia, Laura, Allison, and myself were featured in a story about our well-rounded team. We modeled this seasons dance team fashions, and we had a chance to showcase our talents and let the dance world know what it takes to be a Nets Dancer.

Check out this scan of the spread:

On Saturday Feburary 21st, the Nets hosted our fourth annual Basketbowl fundraiser. Players, coaches, the Nets Kids, and the Nets Dancers were all in attendance and had the chance to bowl with our amazing fans. All of the proceeds from the event were donated to The Nets Foundation.
The Nets Foundation is a non-profit affiliate of Nets Basketball that is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the metropolitan area by supporting programs and initiatives that focus on youth, education, and strengthening communities. If you are looking for a fun afternoon full of family fun, we hope to see you there next year!

As a Nets Dancer, we are constantly involved with various charity events throughout the New York metropolitan area. We recently had cheerleaders from the Special Olympics attend a rehearsal and perform for us. It was an unbelievable experience, because we were able to connect with these men and women through our shared love for dance.

Vote Nets!
We need your support for the second round of the 2009 Dance Team Bracket competition. Thanks to you we beat out the Sixers Dancers in the first round (57% to 43%!), and now we are matched up with the Indiana Pacemates. The polls open at 2 p.m. ET on March 26th, so go to to vote for us! Remember this is a single elimination tournament, so every vote counts. Vote early and often!

March 12 , 2009

Red Silk Ribbon Dancing (Laura)

Hello Nets Fans!

The Nets hosted An Evening of Chinese Culture during the game against the Knicks last Sunday, March 8th. The festivities began pre-game, opening with the performance of a remarkable dragon and lion dance, a traditional routine for good luck.

The Nets Dancers were very fortunate to delve into Eastern culture and perform an authentic Chinese Red Silk Ribbon Dance. Being that were all professionally trained dancers, it was a privilege to present something unique and innovative to the fans, demonstrating how versatile we all are in dance.

Following the game, there was a beautiful showcase of Chinese culture with world-renowned singers and dancers. Overall, it was a great honor to partake in such an outstanding celebration.

Seven Divas Dunking
The Dunking Divas made their season debut during the Nets-Wizards game on College Night, February 20th. As always, we consistently keep fans on the edge of their seats with our fierce trampoline dunking skills. We have been practicing and refining them since the summer, anxiously awaiting our first flawless performance. And we undeniably exhibited that on the court. Be sure to witness our jaw-dropping dunks this month at the Nets-Heat game on the 20th and the Nets-Lakers game on the 27th.

We Need YOU to Win!
The Nets Dancers need the help of their amazing fans this month -- the annual NBA Dance Team Bracket is approaching! It's a single-elimination tournament to crown the fans favorite NBA Dance Team. Please cast your votes here at on the afternoon of March 18th, when we will be competing in the first round against the Sixers Dance Team.

Feb. 27, 2009

Expanding Entertainment Options (Jaclyn)

From week to week, things get very hectic. After All-Star Break we try to step things up a little bit and get some new choreography, because we learn about 45 dances over the course of a season. So now is the time for us to learn a whole bunch of new ones for the second half. Weve had some choreographers come in, which is always stressful its a lot to learn and your brain feels like its going to explode because you have all this material in it.

I wouldnt say its tough, but it takes a while to learn how to learn from different people. Everybody has a different teaching style, but it keeps it fresh and exciting. If youre just learning from the same person all the time, the choreography tends to look the same. At least you know when youre getting it from different people, its going to be totally unique. And we want to be challenged -- we dont want it to be too easy.

Were also gearing up for our Night of Chinese Culture on March 8th. We actually had a choreographer come in from China to teach us an authentic Chinese ribbon dance, which was very interesting. Youll see a "Jac of All Nets" episode or two about our rehearsals with her. That was quite an experience; weve never done anything like that before.

Appearance Insanity
It sometimes feels like theres a game or practice every day. Its really been insane. And then weve had a lot of appearances, too. But you cant complain about that because people want you to come out and perform, so were happy to do it.

We have an appearance coming up for McDonalds next week, and were doing some stuff with the Bronx Zoo. Ill pretty much be focusing on Jac of All Nets from here on out, but there will be dancers in attendance at these events, too. Yesterday, we performed at a Bar Mitzvah at the Practice Facility. Like I said, never a dull moment; theres always something going on.

Between the Timeouts
Devin's game-winning halfcourt shot on Monday was unreal! The energy in the arena was so high, I had to remind myself that it wasn't playoffs yet - but it sure looked like it. Thanks, Devin -- feel free to do that again next game!

This has been a different season for me, because it took me a while to learn who the players were. We had a very new team at the beginning of the year. I was like, Who are all these people? Whos that guy in a Nets jersey? I dont know who that is!

But I see what Coach Frank is doing. I watch him and see that hes changing around the starting lineup a lot and playing with different things, trying to find the right fit. I do know that we have a lot of talent. Its there, so its just a matter of time before we start to get into a rhythm. And maybe it wont happen this season, maybe it will happen next season. I have no idea, but I know Im out there cheering for them because I know they can do it. Well see what happens!

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