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Second Group Steps Forward

By Ben Couch

June 10, 2010

Scottie Reynolds

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.The second day of the group workouts being hosted by the Nets at the PNY Center took place Thursday, and featured several players with local ties, from Rider product Ryan Thompson to Scottie Reynolds, who played at nearby Villanova for four seasons. Gregg Polinsky, the Nets director of player personnel, singled out those two for their strong play (Watch Video).

Reynolds I think did a really good job against Edwin Jackson, who we were glad to see here, Polinsky said. I thought both those guys went at it pretty good, it was a good match up. In the second work out, we had four perimiter guys, which helped in spacing the court. And we took a good look at Ryan Thompson, whose brother Jason is with the Sacramento Kings. Ryans had a very good postseason, and I think showed again today why he is under consideration by a lot of teams.

The second session guard-heavy though it might have been featured a forward matchup between Gani Lawal (Georgia Tech) and Luke Harangody (Notre Dame). Both played well, and Polinsky indicated that he thinks each will end up on the draft board come June 24.

Nobody has had a more consistent career than Luke Harangody in college, and he has put up numbers every year that are admirable, Polinsky said. I think the guy is an NBA player. He may not make Glamour magazine, but what he does, he does night in and night out. He is very persistent.

Gani, as we saw here, gives you some highlight reels. He has a lot of pop, he has great vertical play to him. Hes very strong, almost 68. I think he will find his way in the league, and those guys are guys that we will have to think about with our picks.

With a hat tip to Nets Video Coordinator Rich Mallon and Marketing Assistant Dave M. Brown, along with PR Interns Bill Haug and Zach Dubin, take a look at our video recap of the days workouts.

Scottie Reynolds

Polinsky on Scottie:

He is really savvy. I dont know if that will allow us to put a stamp on him as an NBA player, but I think when you watch him you get a high level competitor, and he has been very well coached at Villanova, and is really creative off the dribble, and like you said understands how to negate athleticism and quickness and use his strengths.

Scottie on Scottie:

I think you just want an opportunity, nothing is ever going to be given to you, and when you get that opportunity you are going to be ready. Like I mentioned before whether you play 40 minutes or zero minutes, you always have to be ready, you always have to be a professional about it. You always have to be ready, and when you get your opportunity, you have to capitalize on it.

Gani Lawal

Gani on Gani:

Im a little more polished than they give me credit for. Obviously, my bread and butter is my energy, my rebounding, being strong down low and running the floor. Im trying to come out here and just show me but not try to do too much at the same time. I wanna show what I can do but not kinda step outside what I can do as far as my range of capabilities.

Gani on the Nets:

People give the Nets a lot of flak, but theyve got a good young core. Theyre making moves in the right direction, so if the Nets were to pick me I think I would fit in well. Not only from a playing aspect, but Im not an ego guy; I can fit in with the team concept, and get along with anybody.

Luke Harangody

Luke on Luke:

A lot of teams ask me to compare a player in the league to myself and I really cant put my finger on it. I think Im just such an orthodox player that my game is different. I think thats a good thing and something thats gonna prove well for me at the next level, cause my game is unique.

Luke on losing weight:

Just after the season, I started to get in really good shape. It wasnt really a decision that I needed to really drop the weight. I just think Im in the best shape Ive ever been in right now. It just happens over time, its not like, Oh, I gotta lose 10 pounds, it just happens over the process.

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