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Stay Connected - Draft Central 2010

Big Men Match-Up Friday (Part II)

By Ben Couch

June 11, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.On Friday, the Nets closed out the group workouts theyve hosted at the PNY Center by bringing in two six-man groups. With a hat tip to Nets Video Coordinator Rich Mallon and Marketing Assistant Dave M. Brown, along with PR Interns Bill Haug and Zach Dubin, take a look at our video recap of the days workouts.

Manny Harris Q&A

Manny Harris How do you think you did today?

Manny Harris: I think pretty good, until I had this little minor injury to my ankle What has been the best part about this process?

Harris: Just competing, and going against some of the top guys, I am a competitor, the competition has been great. Have you talked to any Michigan alumni that have been in the NBA?

Harris: Not really. You come from a big family (10 siblings), how has that influenced you?

Harris: I come from a family that didnt really have too much, and a big family at that. Anything I can do to play and get paid for it to help my family.

Ryan Wittman

Ryan, on adjusting to the NBA:

Its just something that everyone needs to work on, getting used to the type of speed the NBA plays at, its obviously different than college, and I think its something that everyday you go into the gym and work on. Just because you are good at something doesnt mean you dont work on it. When I go into the gym I am trying to work on everything, ball handling shooting, taking it to the basket, defense, just because you are good at something doesnt mean you stop working on it.

A.J. Ogilvy Q&A

A.J. Ogilvy How did your workout go today?

A.J. Ogilvy: I didnt shoot the ball as much as I would have liked but, other than that I thought it went really well. Everyone was really competitive, and it was good. What have you been working on during the draft process?

Ogilvy: Making sure my physicality is good, trying to keep up with the physicality of the NBA. Is there anything about your game that you think has surprised people?

Ogilvy: I think my ability to shoot the ball. But I think everyone knows a little bit about me. What was the biggest adjustment of coming to play in college in the US?

Ogilvy: The speed of the game and the athleticism of the players, we dont have the same kind of athleticism back home as there is here. Have you had a similar jump now that you are looking at the NBA level?

Ogilvy: I feel like it was an easier adjustment, but definitely bigger, more athletic guys. Its one that I had to make. From what you know about the league and these guys in particular, how can you see yourself fitting in?

Ogilvy: I can see myself playing a supportive role for the team, doing everything I could just to help them out, and I think I can play anywhere, but New Jersey is a great place. Have you been getting guidance from anybody as the draft process moves forward?

Ogilvy: Yeah, I have spoken to a few guys from Australia that have been through the draft process, their thoughts, and their agents have been helping me out as well. What advice have they been giving you in particular?

Ogilvy: Just stay positive make sure you keep your head up, and work hard until the last day.

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