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Big Men Match-Up Friday (Part I)

By Ben Couch

June 11, 2010

Tom Barrise

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.On Friday, the Nets closed out the group workouts theyve hosted at the PNY Center by bringing in two six-man groups that included Haddonfield, N.J. product Brian Zoubek (Duke) and center Hamady Ndiaye, who played four seasons at Rutgers. Nets assistant coach Tom Barrise said the duo competed hard and envisions both having a place in the league. (Watch Video).

I think all the scouts have a good handle on all guys here, this is about competing, Barrise explained. Its about six guys coming out that dont really know each other, and they are trying to impress a lot of people and are learning how to play to together in a short period of time. You learn a little bit about character, willingness to be a part of a group. If a guy comes out here and plays like a pig, antennas should be up.

Other notable players to make the trip on the final day were French point guard Thomas Huertel, Cornell forward Ryan Wittman, Michigan guard Manny Harris and Vanderbilt center A.J. Ogilvy.

With a hat tip to Nets Video Coordinator Rich Mallon and Marketing Assistant Dave M. Brown, along with PR Interns Bill Haug and Zach Dubin, take a look at our video recap of the days workouts.

Hamady Ndiaye (Video)

Hamady on Hamady:

Shot blocking is not the only thing I can do. Not just being athletic and knowing how to run the court, but I have been working on my offensive game for a couple years now, I havent used it much, but a lot of people are starting to realize that its not just about defense, that I really can play well all around. So a couple of other things like my character, guys that have never seen me before, see how I conduct myself out here, and everything is a plus.

Brian Zoubek What did you learn at Duke that has helped you throughout the draft process?

Zoubek: You know the more and more I work out at these places, I realize how much I really did learn there. A lot of these guys out here just dont know a lot of the little things I was taught about the game, and it gives me a good advantage. We had such knowledgeable coaches at Duke, and the little things they teach you are that important. What do you think the toughest transition will be?

Zoubek: I think the physicality. You know, youre playing with men out there, men who, this is their job, this is what they do 24/7 and thats something you got to be prepared for. How much does that appeal to you, the idea playing basketball full-time and getting paid?

Zoubek: Its great. Its been unbelievable for me so far, being able to just concentrate on just basketball. At Duke, you have to be able to find a balance between getting your work done and performing on the basketball court. Its just so nice now to just be focused on basketball and not have school always in the back of my mind. Being a Jersey guy, what was it like putting on a Nets jersey?

Zoubek: It was pretty special. Ive had some workouts for teams in the area, and I always watch these guys. To be able to play in my home area would be unbelievable. Based on what you know about the Nets, how can you see yourself fitting in if they were to draft you?

Zoubek: Right off the bat I would play defense, rebound, and compete. I think I can play off those guys offensively and be efficient. With Brook Lopez, either Id come off the bench and help him out, or theyd start us together. So if I eventually get a starting spot, I think its a great opportunity. Has there been anybody guiding you through the draft process?

Zoubek:Yeah, I got a lot of people who are great support for me. My coaches to start with, Coach Wojo (Steve Wojohowski) and Coach K, and my agency the Wasserman Group. Theyve all been great and given me a lot of great advice. Was there anything during the process that surprised you?

Zoubek: I didnt know I had to do this many workouts. Its definitely a process, but I love to play basketball so if Im able to do this as my job, that would be pretty unbelievable.

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