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Kris Humphries Excited to be Brooklyn Bound

July 20, 2012

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Friday at the PNY Center, forward Kris Humphries met with media to discuss re-signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Excited to play at the Barclays Center this fall, Humphries has been anticipating the Brooklyn move since arriving via trade in 2009.

Kris Humphries is glad to be back.

Ready to do what he does best -- rebound -- the veteran forward met with media Friday at the PNY Center, amped for the Brooklyn Nets' September debut at Barclays Center. And Humphries will do it surrounded by teammates that have him holding playoff expectations for the upcoming season.

"I think we have a lot of great parts," Humphries said. "I know a couple of things that I do regardless of what team I'm on: rebound the ball, run the floor, defend, block shots; in terms of what we're doing offensively, that's up to the coaches to decide.

"I think my game's progressed a lot in the last couple of years, with Coach Avery (Johnson) really working with me and helping me improve, but right now it's really hard to say what my role is going to be. I just want to win, and I think everyone that's come to the team came to the team win and really make a splash in Brooklyn and we're excited about that."

Entering his ninth season, Humphries has averaged a double-double in each of two full seasons with the Nets. Last season's averages represented career highs across the board: 13.8 points, 11.0 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in 34.9 minutes; his rebounding mark was the league's fifth-best.

Though Humphries didn't agree to terms until late in the free agency process, he's happy with the way the situation developed. Comfortable letting his agent do the job of fielding offers and negotiating them, Humphries said he created a shell for himself to enjoy the offseason until it was sorted out.

"When you put on your shoes, you put all this time in the gym, you put time in the weight room, you cross-train, you do all these things, you're preparing to put yourself in this situation," Humphries said. "If you didn't believe you could get to this situation, I think it'd be difficult to put all those hours in. I'm grateful to all the people who've helped me along the way, and I feel like this, right now -- with Brooklyn, with everything coming into play -- this is like a new push, another level of what I've been working for, so I'm excited."

The 6-foot-9 forward said he's seen similar excitement on the streets of Brooklyn, running into a fan wearing a team-branded hat and joking that he had to pick up some Nets gear for himself. Humphries also claimed friends and family have been hitting him up for team swag ever since its April release.

And Humphries believes that buzz helped seal Deron Williams' crucial decision to re-sign with the Nets.

"If you ask any of my friends through the process, I knew Deron was coming back: how could he not?" Humphries said. "This is Brooklyn, this is what we've been talking about. I think that, for him, it had to have been a no-brainer -- this is going to be unbelievable and great for everyone. And I think we've put together a playoff team, so it'd be hard to not be a part of."


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