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NETS F Kris Humphries Visits Pediatric Patients at HUMC

June 29th, 2011

HACKENSACK, N.J.Wednesday at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital in the Hackensack University Medical Center, Kris Humphries made his final public appearance for the Nets before becoming a free agent July 1. With a potential work stoppage looming, and his status indeterminate until agreement is reached on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Humphries wanted to make sure the attention was on the kids and the great care they receive at HUMC.

"I'm out here for a great cause," Humphries said. "It's exciting: great facility, great to brighten up the kids' days, and that's my focus today, really. I know you guys have a bunch of questions, but mostly I want to center it around my experience here and knowing that life isn't all about sports and free agency and stuff like that. It's a lot about giving back; a lot of people are in need."

Humphries spent time making the rounds through a whole floor, being sure to leave something special for any kids who had medical restrictions on visitors entering their rooms. He noted that one enthusiastic young fan ("When you score lots of baskets, you're on fire!") could perhaps grow into a color commentator someday, and also promised to retweet another if she tweeted at him (@KrisHumphries).

"I think one thing everyone has to know is no one's beyond hospitals everyone's somehow connected to someone who's struggling," Humphries said. "I've had family members deal with cancer and all sorts of diseases and different things. It could very well be your kid in there one day, and it's something where you hope, 'Hey, maybe in 20 years some Nets players comes through and brightens my kid's day up.' That's what it's all about."


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