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Jared Dudley of Boston College was one of the four particpants at the Nets' fourth day of individual pre-draft workouts.

Day 4 Workouts: Dudley, Terry, Haluska, and Stukes

by Matt McQueeny,

The 2006-07 Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year was on hand in Tarrytown for Day 4 of the Nets-Knicks joint workouts today. A self proclaimed junk yard dog, Jared Dudley is a player whose skills can be unquantifiable at times. Yes, he averaged a very tangible 19.0 points and 8.3 rebounds in his senior year at Boston College, but it is the little things that he does and which help his teams win that cannot be measured in the Anthropometric Testing Results that many teams rely on. Tests can tell you who the inborn athletes are; height, reach, and wingspan are all things that can be measured. And while Dudley wont win any awards in those categories he self-admittedly has a lack of athletic ability it is his knowledge and intuition on the court that make up for a lot of comparative deficiencies. Jared is what Nets General Manager Ed Stefanski simply called a basketball player.

Said Stefanski today, Jared has good size; he is not an over the rim type of athlete but he is what I would call a basketball player. And to me thats the ultimate compliment when you say he is a basketball player. The guy makes plays.

The GM said Dudley could be a first-rounder and wouldnt be surprised if (he) goes higher than people think because he is a basketball player.

Stefanski looked back not too long ago to another former ACC Player of the Year who many thought was not a high draft pick. That guy went 29th in the 2003 NBA Draft to the Dallas Mavericks. And it would probably not be too much of a stretch to say that Josh Howard hasnt done too badly for himself.

There was a kid (Howard) a few years back who almost went all the way through the first round and a lot of people now are kicking themselves in the backside, said Stefanski.

A great thing for the team who drafts Dudley is that they are getting a player who should be able to step right in and help an NBA team right away. Again, the motto: because he is a basketball player.

Hes a guy that could play in an NBA game next year because of how smart and intelligent he is as a basketball player, asserted Stefanski.

Theres a lot of guys in this draft at the high end of this draft who are not ready to be put into an NBA basketball game. This kid today and big baby (Glen Davis, who worked out for the Nets yesterday) because of his physicality could get in an NBA game.

Dudley echoed those sentiments, saying you can throw away the word potential when talking about him. He is ready to get out there and help a team.

You throw that word out when I get in the game because basically I am trying to come in for any team and come off the bench and give energy. I feel like I can play right away.

What I try to do is just fit into any system; I dont care if its flex, run up and down. My niche on that team (Boston College) was to be a junkyard dog, do all the little things. Even my senior year, being the go to guy, I still had to do all the intangibles. And I think that will help an NBA team.

The 67 forward who has lost 15 pounds since the finish of his college season - has also worked out for Miami and Houston and will work out for Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Charlotte next week after taking a couple of days off up in Boston.

Also working out today was the long-armed, athletic Reyshawn Terry of the University of North Carolina. Terry played four years at UNC seemingly always as the other guy on the court. He had a good junior season numbers-wise, averaging 14.3 points, but fell off a little in his senior year (9.7 ppg) due to a flurry of UNC freshmen who came in and played last season. He said that can be seen as a positive because it showed he was mature enough to accept his role and it showed his overall game.

Said Terry, I felt like as a senior - just being mature enough to know what it takes for my team to be successful I felt like thats what I had to do in order to be successful. Me not being able to score as much as did my junior year allowed me to show my overall game with my passing and rebounding a whole lot more that people didnt see the year before.

Looking noticeably drained from the three-workouts-in-five-days, Terry said that he will bring a defensive presence to the team who looks to draft him. As for what he will need to work on, he focused more on the mental aspects of being in the NBA.

Its more mentally challenging than anything. Just being able to go out there and compete night in and night out.

Stefanski said that Terry is definitely an NBA athlete with an NBA body.

I think hell get better at shooting the basketball. But again another guy who is right there in the draft.

Also participating in the workouts were Adam Haluska of Iowa and Levi Stukes of Georgia.

The Nets will be back in Jersey tomorrow when they welcome Wilson Chandler of Depaul, Jason Smith of Colorado State, Kyle Visser of Wake Forest, and Blake Schilb of Loyola Chicago.

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