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Sean Williams being introduced as the newest Net. (left to right) Nets GM Ed Stefanski, Principal Owner Bruce Ratner, Williams, Nets Head Coach Lawrence Frank.

Nets Introduce Sean Williams
Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:00 pm 7/2/07
Updated 9:42 am 7/3/07

Sean Williams, The newest Net, was introduced at the teams practice facility in East Rutherford today. The 20 year old, 610 forward/center shared the dais with Nets Principal Owner Bruce Ratner, General Manager Ed Stefanski, and Head Coach Lawrence Frank.

Though he is obviously his own individual and player, Williams skills and makeup has evoked comparisons to a certain defense-first, athletic former Net first-round pick.

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Nets Grab 6'10" Williams With #17
Posted by Matt McQueeny 11:30 pm 6/28/07
Updated 12:00 pm 6/29/07

With the 17th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, the Nets were able to fill their need. They got an athletic, defensive-oriented, shot blocking big man, something that they have been seeking since the departure of Kenyon Martin in 2004. By drafting the 610, 235 pound Sean Williams out of Boston College, New Jersey did find their player, even though he may come with some risk.

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Draft Preview: Nets Seek Size in Draft
Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:00 pm 6/27/07
Updated 9:30 am 6/28/07

When looking at the Nets, there is no secret as to their need: a defensive-oriented, rebounding big man. If said big man can finish around the rim, all the better.

Middle management is something they will look to address tomorrow in the 2007 NBA Draft.

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Nets General Manager Ed Stefanski on WFAN
Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:50 pm 6/27/07

Nets GM Ed Stefanski was on this morning with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on WFAN.

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Tuesday's Net Draft Buzz
Posted by Matt McQueeny 10:00 am 6/26/07

  • Star-Ledger - Risky pick may pay off for Nets
  • New York Daily News - Big Baby seeking Net gain

  • Nets Draft History
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:45 pm 6/22/07

    With a week to go before the Nets draft #17 in 2007, takes a look back at who the Nets have drafted in their history.

    See the full list

    Nets General Manager Ed Stefanski on WFAN
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 2:06 pm 6/22/07

    Nets GM Ed Stefanski was on this morning with Mike Francesa on WFAN to talk Nets and Draft 2007.

    Listen to the Interview

    Day 12 Workouts: Young, Hill, Wilmont, and Thomas
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 5:00 pm 6/20/07

    All good things must come to an end.

    Today the Nets-Knicks joint pre-draft workouts concluded at New Yorks Tarrytown location with Thaddeus Young of Georgia Tech, local product Daryll Hill of St. Johns, Roderick Wilmont of Indiana, and Torey Thomas of Holy Cross.

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    Day 11 Workouts: Crittenton, Gordon, Lekic, and Golubovic
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:27 pm 6/18/07
    Updated 11:36 am 6/19/07

    The Nets began their final week of scheduled pre-draft workouts today with Javaris Crittenton of Georgia Tech, Jamon Gordon of Virginia Tech, Marko Lekic of Serbia (it was his second workout with the Nets/Knicks), and Vladimir Golubovic, a seven-footer also from Serbia.

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    Day 10 Workouts: Williams and McGuire
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:08 pm 6/15/07

    The most important question posed today to the 67 forward from Arizona was what his teammates and coaches will call him if he were to be drafted by the New Jersey Nets.

    Id have to come up with something, said Marcus Williams, this one a sophomore small forward from the Wildcats. Ill try to figure something out.

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    Day 9 Workouts: Gray, Hill, Jordan, and Koponen
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 6:28 pm 6/14/07

    The Nets and Knicks continued their pre-draft workouts today in East Rutherford with a couple of Big East big men in Aaron Gray of Pittsburgh and Herbert Hill of Providence, a pass-first point guard in Jared Jordan of Marist, and Finlands Petteri Koponen, who also worked out on Tuesday.

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    Day 8 Workouts: Fazekas, Cook, Belinelli, and Zabelin
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 5:51 pm 6/13/07
    Updated 8:40 am 6/14/07

    Nick Fazekas from the University of Nevada averaged at least 20 points a game over his past three season and at least 10 rebounds over his past two. The 611 forward has soft hands typically the only instance where soft and big man can be in the same sentence and its a good thing and a knack for scoring around the hoop. Playing along side Jason Kidd would most definitely be a dream situation for a player with these attributes.

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    Day 7 Workouts: Green, Lewis, Johnson, and Koponen
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:30 pm 6/12/07

    Ron Lewis of Ohio State and Trey Johnson of Jackson State have probably seen enough of Taurean Green lately. The trio along with nineteen year old Peteri Koponen of Finland were together to work out for the Nets and Knicks today at New Yorks Tarrytown practice facility.

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    Day 6 Workouts: Hardin, Lekic, Simmons, and Brown
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 4:48 pm 6/11/07
    Updated 7:39 am 6/12/07

    Coming from the University of California-Berkeley, Junior Devon Hardin knows all about the legend of Nets point guard and former Golden Bear Jason Kidd.

    Hes a legend from Cal, said the 611, 235 pound forward/center. Highest draft pick from Cal, probably the most successful player. Definitely recognized.

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    Day 5 Workouts: Tucker, Smith, Visser, and Schilb
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 7:26 pm 6/9/07

    The first week of Nets-Knicks pre-draft workouts concluded today at the Nets facility with Big Ten Player of the Year Alando Tucker, Colorado States Jason Smith, Wake Forests Kyle Visser, and Blake Schilb of Loyola.

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    Day 4 Workouts: Dudley, Terry, Haluska, and Stukes
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 5:00 pm 6/8/07

    The 2006-07 Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year was on hand in Tarrytown for Day 4 of the Nets-Knicks joint workouts today. A self proclaimed junk yard dog, Jared Dudley is a player whose skills can be unquantifiable at times. Yes, he averaged a very tangible 19.0 points and 8.3 rebounds in his senior year at Boston College, but it is the little things that he does and which help his teams win that cannot be measured in the Anthropometric Testing Results that many teams rely on. Tests can tell you who the inborn athletes are; height, reach, and wingspan are all things that can be measured. And while Dudley wont win any awards in those categories he self-admittedly has a lack of athletic ability it is his knowledge and intuition on the court that make up for a lot of comparative deficiencies. Jared is what Nets General Manager Ed Stefanski simply called a basketball player.

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    Day 3 Workouts: McRoberts, Davis, Young, and Almond
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 5:55 pm 6/7/07
    Updated 8:15 am 6/8/07

    The third day of Nets-Knicks pre-draft workouts took place today in East Rutherford; it was the second straight day in New Jersey before the teams move back to Tarrytown for workouts tomorrow. On display were four potential first round picks: big men Josh McRoberts of Duke and Glen Big Baby Davis of LSU, and guards Nick Young of USC and Morris Almond of Rice.

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    Read what Glen "Big Baby" Davis thought about the workout in his blog

    Day 2 Draft Workouts: Lasme, Wallace, Wood, and Wilson
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 5:00 pm 6/6/07
    Updated 8:41 am 6/7/07

    The scene shifted to East Rutherford this morning as the Nets-Knicks joint workouts continued for the second straight day. Participating in the workouts were two smallish guards, in DeShaun Wood of Wright State and Jamar Wilson of Albany, and two defensive-oriented and athletic big men, in Stephane Lasme of UMass and Brandon Wallace of South Carolina.

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    Day 1 Draft Workouts: Nichols, Sumpter, Mejia, and Byars
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 6:08 pm 6/5/07
    Updated 9:41 am 6/6/07

    The Nets kicked off their pre-draft individual player workouts today. Because of new rules instituted by the NBA effectively not allowing teams to work out potential draftees until after the Orlando pre-draft camp, shortening the window of time for workouts New Jersey is teaming with the Knicks to consolidate the process. The close proximity in location and draft number made the partnership a practical one.

    The first of 12 workout days began this morning at the Knicks practice facility in Tarrytown, New York. The participants were Demetris Nichols of Syracuse, Curtis Sumpter of Villanova, Derrick Byars of Vanderbilt, and Sammy Mejia of Depaul.

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    Draft Special: Diamonds in the Rough
    Posted by Matt Tumbleson 4:55 pm 6/4/07

    In recent NBA history general managers and team presidents have proven on countless occasions that you dont have to be in the lottery to find a gem of a player in the draft. Since the 1990 NBA Draft alone there have been 22 players who have been drafted with the 17th pick or lower and gone on to become NBA all-stars.

    Read the full story and see the list of all-stars

    Who Will the Nets Pick with 17?
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 1:07 pm 6/4/07

    It's less than a month until the draft and the mock draft boards are lighting up. Josh McRoberts of Duke, Rudy Fernandez of Spain, and Jason Smith of Colorado State are all players coming up more than once for the Nets at the 17th pick.

    See who the experts think will be the Nets' pick

    Orlando Pre-Draft Camp Round-Up
    Updated by Matt McQueeny 9:44 am 6/4/07

    Cook Soap Opera Ends on High Note - Rob Reheuser
    Jared On Pre-Draft Diet - Rob Reheuser
    Sloppy Play at NBA Predraft Camp Wednesday - By JUSTIN EINHORN, STATS Senior Editor
    Me, Myself and Orlando - Rob Reheuser
    Cook Gets First Taste in Orlando - Rob Reheuser
    Pre-Draft Camp 2007 - Marty Blake, NBA Director of Scouting
    Taurean Seeks Greener Pre-Draft Pastures - Rob Reheuser

    Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Final Recap
    A recap of the top 15 players seen at the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp, split up into first, second and third teams, and combining NBA potential with performance...Read more

    Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day Four
    Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day Three
    Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day Two
    Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day One

    2007 NBA Predraft Camp: Days Three and Four + Media Day Notes
    2007 NBA Pre-Draft Camp: Day Two
    2007 NBA Pre-Draft Camp: Day One

    Orlando Sentinel

    NBA draft hopefuls must sell character
    Oden, Durant both are knockouts

    A Past Drafts' Look at the 17th Pick
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 12:00 pm 5/29/07

    The Nets hold the 17th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. will be looking at how players taken with this pick have done over the past 25 years. See the full list

    Following are some of the notable picks:

    17th Picks


    Player/ School

    Drafted By

    How is He Doing/ Did He Do in the NBA?


    Danny Granger, New Mexico


    Averaged 13.9 ppg, 4.6 rpg in second season with Pacers.


    Josh Smith, Oak Hill Academy


    Averaged 16.4 ppg, 8.6 rpg, and 2.9 bpg in third season with Hawks.


    Juan Dixon, Maryland


    Over five seasons with the Wizards, TrailBlazers and Raptors, Dixon has averaged 9.5 ppg.


    Desmond Mason, Oklahoma State


    Over seven seasons with the Sonics, Bucks, and Hornets, Mason has averaged 12.8 ppg and 4.5 rpg.


    Radoslav Nesterovic, Slovenia


    Over nine seasons with the Timberwolves, Spurs, and Raptors, Nesterovic has averaged 6.9 ppg and 5.5 rpg.


    Jermaine O'Neal,
    Eau Claire HS (S.C.)


    In 11 seasons with the TrailBlazers and Pacers, O'Neal has averaged 14.4 ppg, 7.8 rpg, and 1.9 bpg.


    Shawn Kemp, Trinity Valley


    In 14 seasons with the Sonics, Cavaliers, TrailBlazers, and Magic, Kemp averaged 14.6 ppg and 8.4 rpg.

    See the full list

    Trail Blazers Win the Lottery
    Posted by Matt McQueeny 12:00 pm 5/27/07

    The ping-pong balls bounced the Blazers' way at the 2007 NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday, as Portland won the top pick in the June 28 NBA Draft in New York. Coming in to the lottery, the Blazers had the sixth-best chance at getting the No. 1 pick. The Sonics moved up from the fifth spot to second and the Hawks advanced from fourth to third. The Grizzlies, who had the best chance at getting the top pick coming in to the lottery will select fourth.

    1. Portland
    2. Seattle
    3. Atlanta
    4. Memphis
    5. Boston
    6. Milwaukee
    7. Minnesota
    8. Charlotte
    9. Chicago(via NYK)
    10. Sacramento
    11. Atlanta (via IND)
    12. Philadelphia
    13. New Orleans
    14. L.A. Clippers
    15. Detroit (via ORL)
    16. Washington
    17. New Jersey
    18. Golden State
    19. L.A. Lakers
    20. Miami
    21. Philadelphia (via DEN)
    22. Charlotte (via CLE and TOR)
    23. New York(via CHI)
    24. Phoenix (via BOS and CLE)
    25. Utah
    26. Houston
    27. Detroit
    28. San Antonio
    29. Phoenix
    30. Philly (via DEN, GSW, DAL)
    ESPN Insider

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