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DeSagana Diop Interview Transcript

By Ashley Levy and Matthew McQueeny
May 7th, 2008

Do you feel you fully transitioned into being a Net?
Yeah I feel comfortable here. Being here, being with coach, real cool, teammates are cool. I feel pretty good being here.

What are your plans for this summer?
Im going back to Dallas for maybe a month; I have my house, I have to check on my house. Then come back here to Cherry Hill, start working out in maybe three weeks to a month and and try to get back in playing shape and get ready for next year.

Where do you think you will be next year?
I mean: Im a free agent; Im going to see my options, see what I have out there. Maybe come back here or go back to Dallas. Im just going to do what is best for me and my family.

Would being a Net be best for you?
I love it here. I love the guys, I love the team. I think we could have made the playoffs but we were in a tough position with a trade in the middle of the year and having to make a run. We didnt really gel together like that but I could see myself coming back here next year.

How do you feel you did with the Nets?
I did alright. I played good defenseI just have to keep working and I think if I come back here I will have a better role than I did coming here midseason.

What advice would you give your teammates?
You have to work hard in the summer, man. Its not fun: Ive been in the playoffs the last four years, went to the Finals two years ago. Theres not a better feeling than that. We just have to keep working to try to make it next year.

Can you take any positives from a season like this one?
The good thing that you can look at not making the playoffs is that you have a longer vacation and you can work on your game harder and try to get better -- more than the people who went to the playoffs. Take a couple of weeks off maybe two or three weeks then start working out and trying to get better; thats a positive thing.

Since that summer where you completely changed your body and lost like 40 pounds have you worked that hard every summer?
I felt like since that summer that I did not work that hard but that summer we didnt make the playoffs too. I had a lot of time. But this summer Im going to dedicate myself and Im going hard to the gym every day to try to get better.

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