By Cory Wright

Justin Hamilton can see clearly again.

That’s a big deal for the Nets’ 7-footer, whose long-range vision was replaced by blurriness and migraines for a few trying weeks in December. It turns out the issue was with his prescription contact lenses, but he’s got them fixed and his game – and life – have improved because of it.

“I started noticing that I was getting migraines and everything and we were trying figure out what was going on,” Hamilton said of the issue that caused him to miss two games in a stretch where he missed five. “We figured out that it was my vision, so we were trying to get the right prescription and changing side to side and Christmas Eve I got the right prescription for both eyes.”

As Hamilton’s long-range vision suffered, so did his long-range shooting. The player who’d shot 44% from deep in November went suddenly cold, going six straight games without a three-pointer.

After getting the proper prescription, Hamilton has re-found his touch from deep, dropping 8-of-14 in four January games. Hamilton also has scored 16 points twice in his last three games including Sunday’s game against Philadelphia.

“December was a rough month,” Hamilton said. “I wasn’t sure if that was why I was getting headaches, it probably was, since I was so off. Since I went to the doctor it’s completely changed.”

Hamilton can’t pinpoint when or why his vision went murky. He said it’s not as simple as getting hit in the head or poked in the eye, but rather his body just changing. Either way, it got to the point where he had trouble reading his coach’s handwriting in the lockerroom.

“I was fine using that for the last year and a half and then I don’t know if my eyes changed or something, it just kind of happened,” Hamilton said. “I was luckily able to figure that out and that it wasn’t something worse. It was an easy fix and then I’ve got from there.” 

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