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Mikki Moore Chat Transcript

As part of Black History Month, presented by Amtrak, Nets' center Mikki Moore joined a live chat with fans on Thursday, Feb. 22 .

Moore, in his first season with the Nets, has played well and earned a spot in the starting rotation. He has become one of the teams emotional leaders on the court, and in the locker room.

If you missed the entertaining live chat, here is the transcript.

Bosso NY: Mikki I know you really like snakes, How many snakes do you own? and whats their names?

Mikki Moore: Ha! I have five snakes only two are named, one is Dollar Bill a Colombian Red Tail Boa and the other is Peaches an Albino Burmese Python. My girlfriend named that one Peaches.

Iman, East Orange: Hey Mikki I saw that you have snakes at your house, are any of your teamates afraid of them?

Mikki Moore: No. None of my present teammates are scared of them. But when I played in Detroit, Jerry Stackhouse wouldn't come and visit me because of my snakes.

Lisa (Syracuse, NY): Mikki, You are having an amazing season now that you've suddenly been thrown into high rotation. Your energy is contagious. How do you keep the younger members of the team energized and committed to winning? WE need more players like you. Keep it up glad you're wearing the NJ uniform.

Mikki Moore: First of all, thankyou, it's been a long road. I just try and lead by example and I think sometimes, those younger guys knowing what I've been through in my career, maybe that serves as a way to help me connect to them and get through to them.

hank, secaucus, nj: mikki - you are a good rebounbder but i was wondering if you think you can improve on your shot blocking?

Mikki Moore: The way we play on defense, it's hard for me to roam around and block shots like I used to.

newburgh: hey mikki moore, how do u feel bout the trade rumors about kidd and carter?

Mikki Moore: It bothered me all last night because that's two of the reasons right there, why I wanted to come play with JKidd and Vince. Hopefully, they'll still be here in the next 45 minutes, cause the trade deadline is at 3pm ET.

Brian (Camden, NJ): Mikki you've been doing such a great job in the starting line-up. How difficult has it been changing to the starting line-up from your original 6th man position

Mikki Moore: Knowing your personnel better. You have to really look at the scouting reports and really study up on those guys and their tendencies.

Esco - NJ: Mikki I love the energy you provide for the team and the fans. How does it feel to have found a home in NJ?

Mikki Moore: It feels great. The fans and my teammates make me feel wanted. I've never had that this much in my whole career and it makes me want to play that much harder.

TheBeeOBee (Tobyhanna, Pa): Mikki, can you give us Nets fans any word about how the young guys like Josh Boone and Mile Ilic look in practice? I know a veteran like yourself probably helps these guys get ready for the NBA. Thanks for the great season so far! Hopefully you can push the Nets into the playoffs!

Mikki Moore: They look good. The skills are there, but they're still working on their confidence. It takes time to build that confidence and then have the courage to try it out on the court and make it happen.

Junior, Brooklyn: Mikki, I hope you are on the Nets when they come to Brooklyn, but what is the best city you like to visit as a player?

Mikki Moore: Atlanta. I have family there, plus the city is very diverse, there is lots of culture and art and shopping and clubs.

alex mushalla, vestal: so what's the stauts with r.j.? will he be back for the game vs the celtics on saturday march 3?

Mikki Moore: I believe so, he's been working out with the trainer and strength coach everday, even during the All-Star Break, so he is doing every possible thing he can to get back out on the court.

Jim in South river: Mikki, you say one of your hobbies is restoring cars, in the off sseason when you are restoring cars are you the one with the dirty hands or do you and a friend (mechanic) share in the grunt work of replacing old parts? and what is your project car now?

Mikki Moore: My project car now is a Delta 88 Oldsmobile 1970. Me and my uncle and one of my cousins are working on it and yes, my hands do get dirty. I don't do the major engine work like changing the heads, I can't take the whole top part of an engine off, but I do change the plugs and belts and do things like that.

Miles (Montreal): I know you are very involved in many different things. I am wondering what you plan on doing after basketball

Mikki Moore: My little brother is starting a record company and I may be an investor in that, I also may consider real estate and as we just discussed, restoring cars. I'd also like to coach, but only high school.

Al (Queens): Mikki - What is your contract status for next year. Has Rod Thorn spoken to your agent yet?

Mikki Moore: He said he was gonna try and keep me around here, but nothing is definite right now. But my agent and I are pushing for me to stay here. I like the team here, our squad and I like New Jersey. It's pretty cool here.

Alex (Scranton): Mikki is there a player that has helped you improve the way you did?

Mikki Moore: Keith Smart, who used to play for Indiana, and when I first got into the CBA he was there and later he was a coach of mine.

Mrs. Shaw...Blacksburg Middle School: Hey Mikki. Your mom just told me you were doing an online chat. Just wanted to say "hello" from Blacksburg. Have you named your corn snake your corn snake yet? We think you should name it Husker since it is a corn snake and you played at Nebraska!

Mikki Moore: That's exactly what I'll name it then! Thanks so much for getting online and posting this question, I'll see you at the next Charlotte game in March. Tell my Mom I'll call her after work.

Mikki Moore: Thank you all for being faithful fans, we've have some bumps in the road but we'll straighten it out and get into the playoffs.

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