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Lawrence Frank Chat Transcript

Coach Frank joined fans for live chat.
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Nets head coach Lawrence Frank stopped by on Thursday, Sept. 29 to chat live with fans before the 2005-06 season. Coach Frank talked about his expectations for the upcoming season, the new additions to the roster and much more.

Coach Frank entering his second full season behind the Nets bench, last season, was named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for April after guiding the Nets to an 8-2 record down the stretch and a playoff appearance.

Prior to taking over the head coaching duties for the Nets, Coach Frank was an assistant coach under Byron Scott in New Jersey and for Brian Hill in Vancouver. The native of Teaneck, New Jersey also served as a student manager for the Indiana University basketball team coached by Bobby Knight.

If you missed the live chat, here is the transcript.

Serghei ( Holland): HI L.F. How can Antoine Wright be a big force for the Nets, the next season?

Lawrence Frank: For Antoine or anyone else to be a consistent contributor to our team, he will need to bring a defensive intensity every night, play hard on both ends of the court every night, and give his very best effort every night.

Greg, Newark: How has losing brian hill who will coach the Magic again effected you and the team?

Lawrence Frank: We all miss Brian. He is a great coach and will do a fabulous job with the Magic. We've added two coaches, Pat Sullivan, who was with the Pistons and Gordy Chiesa who was from the Jazz. Also we still have two top guys in Bill Cartwright and Tom Barrise. So, while we'll miss Hill, we are happy with our staff.

Kendall (Brooklyn): Would it be too much to ask Nenad Kristic to become a double (pts) double (rebs) player and will he play Center or Power Forward?

Lawrence Frank: It's always hard to put hard numbers up for what a player will do, whether it's Nenad or anyone else. We want guys to concentrate on our team winning games, not on getting a certain amount of numbers. The way we play the label of center or power forward is almost irrelevant. It won't matter. But, you can safely say he won't be playing point guard! (Laughing)

Miguel Munoz (Kapolei, HI): Hi coach Frank. I'm a 14-year old, die-hard Nets fan here in Hawaii. My first question is with the several off-season transactions that include the adding of Jeff McInnis, Mark Jackson, Scott Padgett and rookie Antoine Wright, what are your expectations this season? Thanks coach and good luck on what I'm hoping would be a spectacular season!

Lawrence Frank: We'e excited about our new guys. We think they will add depth to our team, which hasn't been a strength. They are quality NBA players who have been through lots of situations and they will aid our team. We understand that it is a team that wins, and we think we've assembled a winning team.

kyle, san diego: do you have a favorite bobby knight story?

Lawrence Frank: All my experiences with Coach Knight, it would be hard to just put down to one thing. He left such a lasting impression on me, it would hard to just pinpoint one thing.

Janie, Phila.: Coach: What team in you mind has improved the most in the East from last season and why?

Lawrence Frank: A number of teams. Obviously Miami with their additions, Cleveland is improved. Orlando, people forget that Grant Hill and Turkoglu missed time down the stretch and Dwight Howard is a player. Then you have Detroit, with that top club. Indiana will be vastly improved, having all their guys back, the guys who missed games last year. There are a number of teams. Even the teams I left out, like the Knicks and others, have gotten better. So I think the entire East has improved.

Chris (Rutherford): Coach Frank, This upcoming season the nets have alot of depth on their roster. They improved alot offensivly and will consistantly have shooters on the court. But are you concerned at all with the nets defensivly and rebounding wise this season.

Lawrence Frank: I think that is always a concern. Every year. We understand that in order to win, you have to defend night in and night out. That is a challenge we all need to face at every practice and every night on the court.

Jesse(Hopatcong): Do you see this team as a half-court team or more of a run-and-gun style group?

Lawrence Frank: For us to win and compete at the highest level, we need to be able to succeed in transition and in the halfcourt offense. We need balance. Obviously Jason Kidd is a one-man fastbreak and we have some talented wing players, but we need to balance that with effective play in the halfcourt offense.

Rich in Union: Will the Nets ever see the seven foot center from Europe that they just drafted? Mile Illic? What's going on with him? Will he sign with the Nets? Will that pick be a waste?

Lawrence Frank: We fully anticipate Mile Illic joining us. We drafted him with the idea that he would stay in Europe this year, but in the next year or two we hope to have him in a Nets uniform. Nothing is ever definite in this world, but we think he will be in a Nets uniform over the next few years.

junior, teaneck: coach - it seems like you knew you wanted to be a coach from a young age, but how old were you when you knew that is what you wanted to do?

Lawrence Frank: I was very fortunate. When I was around 11 or 12-yearsold, I loved to play, but I also just loved the strategic part of the game. And then I benefited from people who recognized that in me, and taught me and helped me along the way.

Roger (Hartford, CT): Coach: What do you do to consistanly get your staff and players intensity up "day in/day out" through a long season? Being a manager in business, I have a staff that I try to motivate for 9 hours a day. Some days it works, some days, well (and we do not have an off-season to regroup). I understand that you have to have passion, but how do you maximize days with your personnell when you know they are not "bringing it"?

Lawrence Frank: We all think that the key to motivate people is to have motivated people on your team and in your organization. It's hard to motivate someone who doesn't want to be motivated. We want high character guys who are passionate and driven to succeed. Everyone needs a push every now and then, but if you have to motivate a guy every day, you might just have the wrong guy on your team.

Kevin(Italy): Coach Frank, do you keep up with all of the players during the offseason to check in on their workouts and playing schedules, or do you just let them do their own thing? Also, do you think Vince Carter can follow up his amazing season with an even bigger one?

Lawrence Frank: Our whole staff stays in touch with players throughout the summer. We have an open line of communication. Vince is working on his game, and is dedicated to playing at a very high level and we're very fortunate to have him on our team.

Peter (Queens): Do You Think Richard Jefferson Will Come Back To Give In And Make A Championship Run?

Lawrence Frank: Richard is one of our hardest workers, he's always one of the first guys in the gym. He came back last year from an injury nobody thought he'd be back that fast. So we expect big things from him.

Lawrence Frank: We'd like to thank everyone for chatting today. Individual ticket sales open up Saturday at 11 ET. You can see some of our players at the Continental Airlines Arena where tickets will be sold, and Vince will be at the NBA Store and of course, you can always call our good friends at TicketMaster for tickets. Thanks again for all your support.