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2014 All-Star Weekend

Hello All-Star!

Hey Nets Fans! It's Liz here! It was such an honor to represent the Brooklyn Nets at NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans! It was so exciting and humbling to be selected by the NBA to be a part of the All-Star Dance Team, in which one dancer from each dance team was chosen. The weekend was filled with rehearsals, performances, events and a lot of great memories!

Upon arrival in New Orleans there was no time to waste. I was taken straight from the airport to rehearsal where I met all of the other dancers and immediately began working on choreography and performance blocking. The very first night I was ecstatic to find out that I would be learning a routine from celebrity choreographer Fatima Robinson and performing on stage with Pharrell Williams. We would also be performing a special cameo with hip hop legend, Vanilla Ice. These performances were in addition to four other routines we would be learning and setting on court. Needless to say, we had a lot of work to do.

Our days in New Orleans were fit for All-Stars. Typically, we would be picked up at 8am, and we would travel to a series of locations for a plethora of event rehearsals and performances, such as the Celebrity Game, Dunk Contest, 3-Point Contest, Pre-Game Concert and All-Star Game. Our days usually ended around 11pm. The excitement of the events, the enthusiasm of the fans, and the energy of the team made every moment worthwhile.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was meeting the other members of the All-Star Dance Team. Everyone was represented, from the Boston Celtics to the Miami Heat to the Portland Trailblazers. Each woman was beautiful inside and out, and they all were great dancers! We all really bonded and shared a lot of laughs in the short time we spent together. It was interesting to learn about the differences between each dance team, and I really enjoyed sharing what the Brooklynettes are all about and how amazing it feels to be part of such a new and innovative brand.

I definitely felt the Brooklyn love from the fans down in New Orleans! I can't describe how proud I was to be wearing "Nets" across my chest when I walked through crowds of fans. It was awesome to hear "BROOOOKKKKKLLLLLYYYNNN" coming from the crowd. This just reminded me of how special Brooklyn is and how much our fans love the team.

The word that comes to mind when I think of the All-Star Weekend performances and events is insurmountable. The feeling I had while performing on court and on stage in front of such a star-studded audience would be difficult if not impossible to duplicate. I was waiting to perform one day in the tunnel and Drake casually introduced himself. While performing on court I looked out into the crowd and saw Kevin Hart enjoying the show. Vanilla Ice taught us some of his original moves. Jason Derulo hopped in a photo with the team. P Diddy shimmied past me onstage. There was an all around excitement of the weekend that I will remember forever. It was such a blessing to represent Brooklyn, and I'm super thankful for the opportunity. Brooklyn stand up!!!