Office Address: 15 MetroTech Center, 11th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: 718-933-3000
Fax: 718-942-9595
Web Address:
Principal Owner Mikhail Prokhorov
Chairman of the Board Dmitry Razumov
President, ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment Holding USA, Inc. Irina Pavlova
Chief Executive Officer Brett Yormark
Chief Operating Officer Fred Mangione
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer Marie Chindamo
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative & Relationship Officer Leo Ehrline
Executive Vice President, Business Affairs & Chief Legal Officer Jeff Gewirtz
Executive Vice President, Business Operations & Chief Financial Officer Charlie Mierswa
Executive Vice President & Chief Communications Officer Barry Baum
Executive Vice President, Global Partnerships Michael Zavodsky
Executive Vice President, Suite and Ticket Sales & CSO Brian Basloe
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Elisa Padilla
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships & Marketing Chris Brahe
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships Andrew Schwartz
Senior Vice President, Event Marketing & Community Relations Petra Pope
Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing Joshua Pruss
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships Robert Lynch
General Manager Billy King
Assistant General Manager Bobby Marks
Assistant General Manager Frank Zanin
Head Coach Lionel Hollins
Assistant Coach Paul Westphal
Assistant Coach Tony Brown
Assistant Coach Joe Wolf
Assistant Coach John Welch
Assistant Coach Jay Humphries
Assistant Coach Jim Sann
Strength & Conditioning Coach Dr. Jeremy Bettle
Athletic Trainer Tim Walsh
Assistant Trainer Alessandro Oliveira
Director of Physical Therapy/Assistant Trainer Lloyd Beckett
Director of Player Personnel Gregg Polinsky
Director, Team Security Robert Masiello
Assistant Director, Team Security Frederick Galloway
Director of Basketball Analytics Glenn DuPaul
Director, Video Operations Mitch Kaufman
Senior Manager, Basketball Operations Matt Riccardi
Manager, Team Services Marivic Lardizabal
International Scouting Coordinator Danko Cvjeticanin
Regional Scout Bob Ferry
Regional Scout Khalid Green
Regional Scout Eddie Oran
Regional Scout TJ Zanin
Manager of Video Operations Stephen Jones
Video Coordinator Mike Jones
Manager, Equipment Joe Cuomo
Coordinator, Basketball Technology Brennan Blair
Coordinator, Basketball Information Matt Tellem
Assistant to General Manager Ryan Gisriel
Executive Assistant to Head Coach Jordan Brown
Assistant, Basketball Operations Adam Ratner
Medical Director Dr. Riley J. Williams III
Team Physician (Maimonides Medical Center) Dr. Michael S. Farber
Foot & Ankle Specialist Dr. Martin J. O'Malley
Dentist Dr. Joseph Osipow
Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer Theresa Alaimo
Administrative Assistant to Chief Executive Officer Paul Nedorostek
Executive Assistant to COO and EVP, Chief Administration & Relationship Officer Carolyn Seras
Executive Assistant to Chief Marketing Officer Juliette Ocon
Executive Assistant, Global Partnerships Kristin Ochs
Executive Assistant to EVP of Communications & SVP of Programming Lauren Winston-McPherson
Executive Assistant, Legal Gail Gaddis
Vice President, Global Marketing Randy Lewis
Vice President, Global Merchandising Tyrel Kirkham
Senior Director, Creative & Content Management Jeff Gamble
Senior Director, Brand Marketing & Solutions Keisha Wright
Director, Digital Media Brooke Eaton
Assistant Director, Business Strategy & Analytics Michael Shear
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Erin Cauthen
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Brooke Campbell
Senior Manager, Video Production Paul Connors
Manager, Broadcast and Digital Tom Kolker
Manager, Creative Projects Stephanie Greenberg
Manager, Creative Services Justin Baier
Manager, Publications Andrew Pearson
Senior Beat Writer Lenn Robbins
Web Producer Demetris Sapp
Interactive Marketing Manager Keith Isada
Senior Graphic Designer Aaron Brown
Graphic Designer Rudy Calderon
Graphic Designer Leon Hunter
Junior Designer Danielle Hunter
Marketing Analyst Jason Donders
Videographer Arya Rossman
Coordinator, Video Anthony Ingrassia
Coordinator, Global Marketing Solutions Kristin Scheitrum
Coordinator, Social Media Kari Culver
Coordinator, Social Media Kathryn Przybyla
Executive Director, Broadcasting Chris Carrino
Radio Commentator Tim Capstraw
Director, Communications Mandy Gutmann
Manager, Communications Stuart Bryan
Director, Community Relations Jeff Scott
Manager, Community Relations Michael Wisniewski
Director, Global Partnerships Jeff Lesser
Account Executive, Global Partnerships Michael Minnella
Senior Director, Global Partnerships Christopher Lombardo
Senior Director, Game Presentation Paul Kamras
Director, Entertainment Marketing Kimberlee Garris
Senior Manager, Game Presentation T.J. Roche
Manager, Premium Events Angelica Shuhala
Assistant Manager, Premium Events Saedra Bracy
Coordinator, Premium Events Regine Austin
Coordinator, Entertainment & Coach, Dance Team Adar Wellington
Coordinator, Entertainment Sara Meletis

Vice President & Controller Paul Koehler
Director, Financial Analysis & Budgeting Jason Oddo
Director, Accounting Anthony DiTomasso
Senior Manager, Financial & Ticket Analysis Jared Kaye
Payroll Manager Samuel Jenkins
Clerk, Accounts Payable Edwin Ruiz
Executive Director, Group & Arena Sales Frank Sullivan
Director, Group & Arena Sales Abner Neufeld
Account Manager, Group Sales Joseph DiMitri
Account Manager, Group Sales Ken Dorsett
Account Manager, Group Sales Joze Frage
Account Manager, Group Sales Joe Grande
Account Manager, Group Sales Bacari Montgomery
Account Manager, Group Sales Robb Pearson
Account Manager, Group Sales Lisa Pikaard
Account Manager, Group Sales Mark Shlyankevich
Coordinator, Group Sales Rebecca Kafko
Senior Director, Human Resources Joyce Jelks
Senior Manager, Human Resources Patricia Kotler
Coordinator, Human Resources Chelsea Boullianne
Assistant, HR & Administrative Services Joseph Lehan
Director, Information Technology Victor Pereira
Administrator, Desktop Joel Pichardo
Administrator, Systems Mark Sadrak
Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Kari Cohen
Manager, Legal Services Christopher Harrington
Director, Operations Tony Brasile
Coordinator, Operations Brandon Daley
Coordinator, Operations Daniel West
Assistant, Operations Jesse Goldfarb
Senior Director, Partnership Marketing Tracy Sandoval
Director, Partnership Marketing Ashley Kahler
Director, Partnership Marketing Howard Seif
Director, Partnership Marketing Christopher Zumbrennen
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Nick Hamilton
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Jeff Doyle
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Samson Feldman
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing & Manager, Hospitality Illiana Blackshear
Account Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Louis Frangella
Vice President, Public Relations Gary Sussman
Senior Director, Public Relations Aaron Harris
Manager, Public Relations Eli Pearlstein
Senior Director, Sports Ticketing Operations Paul Kavanaugh
Director, Ticket Operations Daniel Harris
Senior Manager, Ticket Operations Julio Lupo
Manager, Sports Ticket Operations Patrick McLoughlin
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service JM Caparro
Director, Ticket Sales Erin Leigh
Manager, Premium Ticket Sales Andy Schuman
Manager, Inside Sales Ashley Faust
Manager, Premium All Access Scott Fischer
Manager, Premium All Access Nate Gelman
Manager, Premium All Access Mike Hollis
Manager, Premium All Access Eric Leghorn
Manager, Premium All Access Adam Metzendorf
Manager, Premium All Access John Ronayne
Manager, Premium All Access Khaskil Amirov
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Alexis Abbonizio
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Ryan Calvo
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Nathaniel Hemingway
Account Executive, Ticket Sales James McGee
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Matthew Scott
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Michael Squitieri
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Priya Peyman
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Jazmine Settles
Coordinator, Ticket Sales Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Coordinator, Ticket Sales Laura Hart
Director, VIP Services Tom Bowden
Director, VIP Services Christine Bowns
Senior Account Manager, VIP Services Drew Green
Senior Account Manager, VIP Services Mark Higuera
Senior Account Manager, VIP Services Ebony Jenkins
Account Manager, VIP Services Shanelle Campbell
Account Manager, VIP Services Brian Fischer
Account Manager, VIP Services Rachel Low
Account Manager, VIP Services Michael Milhim
Coordinator, VIP Services Cori Davis
Coordinator, VIP Services Richard Guh
WFAN (660 AM)
  Chris Carrino
  Tim Capstraw
YES Network Ian Eagle
Mike Fratello
Donny Marshall
Ryan Ruocco
Jim Spanarkel

Home Court: Barclays Center
Capacity: 17,732
Open Date: 2012