Williams Discusses the Double Crossover

The boys over at Nets Are Scorching recently highlighted Deron Williams and "his double crossover" in a rundown of the Nets' players "signature moves." Here's what they said:

Deron Williams’ crossover is perhaps the most lethal in the league and when he does unleash it, it is near unstoppable. This move becomes signature, however, when Williams takes his single crossover and turns it into a debilitating double. Williams’ double-cross often drives his defender to back pedal, which creates space for Williams’ feathery jump shot. This is also a testament to the leg power Williams possess as he is able to rise up after a string of dribble moves and sometimes even a slight step back. This video can be used as a case study for why Williams possesses one slickest handles in the NBA.

And here's Deron's response (at the 1:30 mark):

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