Reggie Reveals the Road Trip Playlist

DENVER—On a 13-day, 7-city trek, filling travel and down time becomes key, and after an interview with The Association, Nets forward Reggie Evans let us dip into some of the rotation regulars, from his new namesake to phone calls with the kids.

View from Couch: What's been spinning through the headphones this trip?

Reggie Evans: "I listen to Rick Ross (mixtape) Rich Forever before every game. I listen to a lot of Rick Ross. I listen to T.I. I been listening to JAY-Z's American Gangster a lot this road trip. I kind of went back there and started to replay that again and relieve that, listen to what he’s saying on that again."

VFC: Funny you mention Rick – the guys have been giving you a hard time since you started wearing sunglasses due to the eye injury ...

Reggie Evans: Yeah, since the glasses, they call me ‘Rick Loss’ like as if Rick Ross done lost all the weight. So they give it to me with my glasses and stuff. It’s all love. That just lets you know that we havin' fun.

VFC: No doubt. What about American Gangster made you want to dip back into the archive?

Reggie Evans: "That album was based on (the movie) American Gangster. Some of the stuff he was saying in that was kinda like "WHOA!" Kinda like, ‘I remember how that was back in my crib.’ It’s a great album as far as looking back to reflect."

VFC: Agreed. I'm a big fan of "Roc Boys." Any movies or TV shows get you through the plane rides?

Reggie Evans: "I’m not a real big movie guy, but I like shows like Duck Dynasty. That’s my favorite show. I could watch that 24 hours. I’ve been watching ESPN. Those are some of the main things. I stay on the phone, talk to my kids on the phone, so that be fun. Or I text them. My wife Joi was with me, joined us for over half of this road trip, so that helped out tremendously a lot, just having her with me. That was wonderful."


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