Reggie Evans: 'Brooklyn's Beard'

Thursday, the Nets released Reggie Evan's "Brooklyn’s Beard" T-Shirt at The Nets Shop by adidas, and Evans was on hand to meet and greet fans in attendance. They're available now at the store and also online. He chatted with us about the origins of Brooklyn's Beard and grooming tips, also offering thoughts on who rules the NBA facial hair roost.

Nets Blog: When did you start growing "Brooklyn's Beard"?

Reggie Evans: Ah, man. Probably Denver. I started growing it there and then it started filling out in Philadelphia. Pretty much, I had my moments when I cut it off because it had little patches, but I let it fill out and I haven't looked back since.

Nets Blog: When did it become part of the look?

Reggie: Philly. Ninety percent of males in Philly got a beard, so I had to adapt to it. And I'm gonna let it go, now.

Nets Blog: Why more rugged?

Reggie: Because I don't like going to the barbershop. (Laughs) Just plain and simple.

Nets Blog: Who's got the best facial hair in the NBA?

Reggie: James Harden, he'd probably be up top. LeBron got his moments. Man, who else? There's some more people out there … Oh! Kevin Love. Kevin Love stuck with his beard. Nikola Pekovic -- Minnesota got a lot of players! Don't Ricky Rubio have one?

To be honest with you, beards is hot right now. I see the rookie from Detroit (Andre Drummond) got a beard. Deron's got a beard. Everybody. It's starting to be a trend now, it's starting to be the new thing now. Even players that don't have a beard, want a beard. Joe want him a beard; Gerald want a beard, Tyshawn want a beard. It's the thing right now. Dray want a beard too, but he's not being patient with his.

Nets Blog: Any tips?

Reggie: Just be patient with it.

Nets Blog: What about getting through that awkward between phase?

Reggie: Just gotta get over the itching part. And keep it lined up. Be patient with it and it'll come out. Once it comes, you won't even realize it's there.

Nets Blog: The wife good with it?

Reggie: Nah, she want me to cut it off. She want me to go with the young look.

Nets Blog: She's not winning that one, is she?

Reggie: No doubt, man.

Also, this is a thing that happened:

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