Plumlee Poised to Cement a Spot on the USA World Cup Roster

By Lenn Robbins | @lennrobbins

NEW YORK -- Add Syracuse coach and USA Basketball assistant coach Jim Boeheim to the list of talent evaluators who were surprised by the ability of Brooklyn Nets forward Mason Plumlee.

“I didn’t watch the Nets a lot last season because I tend to follow teams with Syracuse players,” Boeheim told with a wry smile.

“But he’s really good and he’s going to keep getting better. It was obvious from the first day of practice that he was one of the more talented big men we had in camp.”

Plumlee did not play Wednesday night in a 105-62 rout of the Dominican Republic. Plumlee said Coach Mike Krzyzewski told him he probably wouldn’t play as he tried to get minutes for players who hadn’t seen action in Saturday’s win over Brazil.

Plumlee said he expects to play Friday night against Puerto Rico and remains confident he will be on the roster when the team heads to Spain for the FIBA World Cup.

“I just feel my whole body of work - obviously the public has seen the scrimmages, the intersquad scrimmage went well, I played well in Chicago. But just as much as that, I feel like I’ve practiced very well since [Las] Vegas, so I’m confident where I stand,” Plumlee said. “If they need me, I’m ready to go.”

Plumlee has been down this road before. Taken by the Nets with the 22nd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, many thought he would spend a year in the D-League.

Plumlee didn’t get the memo.

He played 70 games (starting 22), averaged 7.4 points on 65.9-percent shooting and grabbed 4.4 rebounds. Plumlee was an NBA All-Rookie First Team Selection.

He was invited to join the USA Select Team, which was comprised of players not expected to make the roster. They were the basketball versions of tackling dummies.

Again, Plumlee didn’t get the message.

By the time the squad left Las Vegas, Plumlee had been called up to the National Team and he’s not looking back. He does not believe he needs to do anything special Friday night to cement a spot on the roster.

“If I am making a statement, it’s playing my game, doing what I do at a high level, not getting outside myself,” Plumlee said. “Just giving the team what they expect from me and what I’ve done up until this point.

“It’s a short period of time. We’re only with this team for a month and half so every game’s a statement game. Every practice is big. You can’t really have bad days in the U.S. program.”

Johnson Beats the Buzzer

Joe Johnson buries the 3-pointer to beat the Denver Nuggets.


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Johnson Beats the Buzzer

Joe Johnson buries the 3-pointer to beat the Denver Nuggets.
Feb 8, 2016  |  00:20

Shake and Basket

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Brown Jams It Home

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McCullough Drains It

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Young with the Block

Thaddeus Young sends the ball into the stands.
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Nets Ball Movement to Young

Nets rebound and share the ball with a one handed dunk by Thaddeus Young.
Feb 6, 2016  |  00:20

Brook with the Spin Move And One

Joe Johnson with the pass to Brook Lopez who attacks the rime and gets the foul and one.
Feb 6, 2016  |  00:20

Donald Dishes to Johnson

Donald Sloan passes to Joe Johnson with the corner three.
Feb 6, 2016  |  00:20

Markel on the Break to Bojan

Markel Brown sets up Bojan Bogdanovic on the break with the layup.
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Young Kick Out Pass to Johnson

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Feb 5, 2016  |  00:08

Markel Brown And-One

Shane Larkin picks up the loose ball and gets it ahead to Markel Brown who drives to get the bucket and a foul.
Feb 5, 2016  |  00:24

Johnson Dishes To Young

Joe Johnson fires in a one-hand pass to Thaddeus Young for the layup.
Feb 5, 2016  |  00:18

Johnson Nails a Three Pointer

Bogdanovic drives middle from the corner and he hits the trailing Joe Johnson for a triple and to get the all star going.
Feb 3, 2016  |  00:08

Sloan to Young

Donald Sloan setting Thaddeus Young up with the dunk.
Feb 3, 2016  |  00:17

Johnson to Sloan

Joe Johnson sets Donald Sloan up with a driving layup.
Feb 3, 2016  |  00:06

Thad Slam Dunk

Thaddeus Young with a dunk in the first quarter.
Feb 3, 2016  |  00:05

Young Blocks the Pass

Thaddeus Young jumps up to block the pass with his shoulder as the ball goes into stands.
Feb 3, 2016  |  00:25

Thaddeus Young Stops On A Dime

Thaddeus Young drives the lane and stops on a dime for a layup as defender goes out of his shoe.
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Lopez Puts Drummond in the Spin Cycle

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Thaddeus Young Big Time Block

Young trails the play and rejects Ilyasova's open lay up at the rim.
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Robinson Throws Down Dunk

Larkin drives leaves his feet and finds Robinson all alone on the baseline who rises up and throws down the mean two handed slam.
Feb 1, 2016  |  00:20

Lopez From Behind The Backboard

Brook Lopez overcomes Andre Drummond's stifling defense to hit a shot from behind the backboard.
Feb 1, 2016  |  00:16

Johnson Ties The Game

Joe Johnson hits the three to tie the score with 6.9 seconds left in the game.
Jan 30, 2016  |  00:09

Lopez One-Handed Slam

Thaddeus Young slips the ball through the defense to Brook Lopez who finishes the one-handed dunk.
Jan 30, 2016  |  00:21

Robinson's Two-Handed Jam

Thomas Robinson drives down the court and finishes with the dunk.
Jan 30, 2016  |  00:15

Ellington Long Range

Wayne Ellington from way out.
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Brook Lopez Jumper

Brook Lopez makes the jump shot.
Jan 29, 2016  |  00:22

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