KG Leads the Nets Courtship of Big Baby

By Lenn Robbins | @lennrobbins

February 22, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO--This just in: Kevin Garnett will not send flowers or chocolates to Glen 'Big Baby' Davis.

But he has spoken to the free agent power forward, trying his best to convince Davis that the Brooklyn Nets are his best chance for NBA love.

"He's very convincing,'' Paul Pierce said of Garnett. "When he talks, people tend to listen.''

"The situation with Big Baby, he was like Kevin's little brother. He wasn't just a teammate. They were really close.''

Davis, Garnett and Pierce were teammates with the Boston Celtics - won an NBA title together in 2008. That's a strong bond.

But the Nets face fierce competition.

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, the coach of that 2008 Boston team, might also be romancing Big Baby. The Clippers are looking at add a big man and Davis is on their wish list, according to published reports.

The Courtship of Big Baby – soon to be a major motion picture – is on.

"I guess Baby's a hot commodity now,'' said Garnett.

Sure is.

The question as to where Davis signs might come down to this:

Who has more influence on the 6-9, 289-pound not-so-small Baby – Garnett or Rivers?

"I've been around those guys for a few years and based on their relationships, Doc's relationship with Big Baby and Kevin's relationship with Big Baby, I would say they both have some up and down moments with Big Baby,'' said Pierce. "Hopefully Big Baby favors Kevin.''

That may be the case. KG said he speaks to Davis every 15 days. They were on the phone the day the 28-year-old Davis was being bought out.

Davis caught KG's attention in Big Baby's rookie season of 2007-08.

"His fight, his fight and his willingness to work and be better,'' KG said about what he saw in Davis. "You can tell right away when someone wants to do better you can tell right away when someone wants to learn.

"He was very eager from Day One and I always look for that in young people. Kind of seeing yourself in someone else a little bit. And it's been like that ever since.''

The Nets (25-27) play at the Golden State Warriors Saturday night with a chance to creep ever closer to the .500 mark.

The Nets haven't been .500 since Nov. 5. It won't be easy to get to one game under .500 The Warriors are 33-22 overall and 17-10 at home. Tonight's game is their 66th straight sellout at Oracle Arena.

"Getting to .500 would be huge for us,'' said Pierce. "Once you get to .500 it will help us gain some confidence, getting over that mark and moving up in the standings.''

"Right now our focus is on short term goals and getting to .500 would be huge for us especially with the standings and how the Eastern Conference is going.''

The Nets are three and one-half games behind the Toronto Raptors for first place in the Atlantic Division. They currently hold the sixth playoff spot in the East.

Davis could help push the Nets up the standings. So could Jason Collins, another big man the Nets are considering.

"His basketball IQ fits into what we do here,'' said pitchman Garnett "He's a talker. He communicates. He understands. He knows championship basketball. So yeah, he can definitely help us.''

When asked if he would send flowers in attempt to woo Big Baby, Garnett left. He said he wouldn't send chocolates either.

This isn't Valentine's Day. It is the Courtship of Big Baby.

"Kevin's been in his ear,'' said Pierce. "So we'll see how that goes.''

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