The Brooklyn Nets are introducing a 50/50 Raffle this year at all home games. The proceeds from the raffle will benefit the New York Organ Donor Network and the Brooklyn Nets Assist Program.



To claim your prize please e-mail

About New York Organ Donor Network
The New York Organ Donor Network is dedicated to the recovery of organs and tissues for people in need of life-saving and life-improving transplants. They also work to provide education and increase awareness for organ donation and transplantation. With more than 10,000 New Yorkers waiting for a transplant, the New York Organ Donor Network encourages residents to sign up to save lives. For more information, or to register to be an organ donor in New York, please visit

About Brooklyn Nets Assist
Brooklyn Nets Assist is committed to giving back and bettering the lives of those in the surrounding communities. We strive to positively impact the community's youth and adults through various initiatives and programs focusing on the following four pillars: Education, Athletics, Health & Wellness, and Community Development.

Want to Be a Game Changer?
We are extending a special invitation to YOU, our fans, to assist with the raffle during all Brooklyn Nets home games this season. Simply reach out to Volunteer Services at the New York Organ Donor Network at or call (646) 291-4460 to reserve your spot today. You can be a game changer too!

By participating in the Brooklyn Nets Assist 50/50, our fans during the regular season will be contributing charitable proceeds to The Nets Foundation and to the New York Organ Donor Network, an organization dedicated to the recovery of organs and tissues for those in need of life-improving and life-saving transplants.

Brooklyn Nets Assist 50/50 Rules and Information:

  • Prices are $2 for 1 raffle ticket and $10 for 7 raffle tickets
  • Must be 18 years or older to purchase a 50/50 raffle ticket.
  • Raffle ticket buyers will receive physical raffle tickets upon purchase. The corresponding individual raffle tickets are kept by the raffle representative and placed into the draw bin.
  • Raffle tickets are sold from the time the doors open until there are 6:00 remaining in the 3rd quarter. Volunteers sell raffle tickets at all Barclays Center entrances, on the concourse, in the Calvin Klein Courtside Club, and on Suite Levels A and B. Some volunteers also sell in the bowl during the game.
  • The draw will take place within the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter on the concourse by Section 16. A random raffle ticket is drawn from a draw bin by an individual who has not purchased a ticket.
  • The winning number is announced in the 4th quarter. In the case of a discrepancy between the announced number and the actual number – the actual number will be considered to be the valid winning raffle ticket.
  • Prize can be claimed on the concourse behind Section 16 or by e-mailing Winners have 60 days to claim the prize.
  • Unclaimed prizes will be donated to The Nets Foundation and the New York Organ Donor Network.
  • Prize is paid by check and will be mailed within 10 days of claiming the prize.
  • Winning numbers and amounts are available on
  • The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 raffle at Brooklyn Nets home games: 50/50 contractors, staff and volunteers, and employees of the Brooklyn Nets, New York Organ Donor Network, Barclays Center, Barclays Center contractors, or the NBA.
  • To contact the Brooklyn Nets Assist 50/50 please e-mail

Winning Numbers
Date Numbers
5/4/13 33709
4/29/13 378283
4/22/13 42577
4/20/13 94198
4/15/13 91765
4/9/13 72162
4/6/13 10018
4/4/13 80784
3/17/13 168751
3/12/13 169975
3/8/13 169656
3/1/13 213221
2/24/13 192048
2/22/13 193386
2/19/13 244328
2/13/13 214195
2/5/13 295901
2/1/13 443852
1/30/13 114602
1/28/2013 165963
1/18/2013 840384
1/15/2013 619949
1/13/2013 340550
1/11/2013 620578
1/5/2013 728070
12/29/2012 641367
12/28/20132 617215
12/25/2012 343673
12/23/2012 370860
12/14/2012 868134
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