40/40 CLUB is named after one of baseball's most prestigious achievements. A benchmark for power and speed, 40/40 CLUB includes players who hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in one season. Only Barry Bonds (1996), Alex Rodriguez (1998), Jose Canseco (1988), and Alfonso Soriano (2006) can call 40/40 CLUB home.

Guests will be enticed by the upscale traditional American sports bar cuisine, done with a Brooklyn twist. 40/40 CLUB at Barclays Center is operated by Levy Restaurants.

Reservations are taken prior to any event, for which the club will be open. 40/40 CLUB and Restaurant hours of operation are subject to change based on the event calendar. We welcome reservations anytime.

To make a reservation please call us at 917-618-6340.

  • Reservation Name: Reservations are non-transferable and identification of the guest whose name appears on the confirmation must be presented upon arrival. All guests in the party must be present before parties will be seated.
  • Event you will be joining us for.
  • Number of guests in your party.
  • Time you wish to dine with us. *Please note the recommended seating times for Nets events are: 6:00pm and 7:30pm.
  • Any special requests, needs and/ or pertinent information such as anniversaries or celebrations.