NBA Cares Season of Giving #NBAGiveBIG: Social Content Guidelines

During NBA Cares Season of Giving, the NBA Family will be sharing stories of community engagement across the world. To share your experience, use #NBAGiveBIG with a Tweet or Instagram post.

User posted photos & Tweets should not contain:

  1. Content obviously copyrighted by another entity (i.e. Getty Images)
  2. Images that are logos of brands other than the NBA
  3. Gang signs, drugs, violence, sexuality, displays of a crime or other illegal acts and objects
  4. Spam content advertising a third party, or content that is posted repetitively by the same user
  5. Photos of individuals under the age of 13 years old

Content following the above and utilizing #NBAGiveBIG may be, but is not guaranteed to be, featured on the NBA Cares Season of Giving media wall at