Q&A with Muggsy Bogues

1. Can you talk a little bit about what being a member of the NBA/WNBA FIT Team means to you?
It means a great deal and is an honor for me to be apart of the Fit team, because of what the program stands for and my own personal fight against childhood obesity.

2. What is one cool fact fans would be interested to know about you?
I was a teenage ping pong champion.

3. During you time in the NBA, you were constantly staying active between practices and games. What do you did you do during the off season to stay in shape and improve your skills for the next season?
I would let my body rest for a couple of months after a long season. Then three months prior to training camp I began my regime for the season which includes: weight lifting, sprints, running hills, on the court basketball skill training and aerobics to increase flexibility.

4. When you were growing up, how important was it for you to stay active and play sports? Aside from basketball, what other sports did you play?
It was very important to stay active as a kid; it kept me out of trouble and kept me in shape. I played baseball, wrestling, football, running track and ping-pong.

5. With such a busy travel and game schedule, how did you manage to eat healthy? What did your diet look like on a typical game day?
By being disciplined with my meals and staying away from unhealthy junk food: making sure to eat a certain amount of vegetables, seafood and healthy carbohydrates.

6. When you were growing up, what were some of your favorite outdoor activities that you did with your friends?
We would make up games where I lived; like capture the flag, hide-and-seek and a neighborhood classic ďhot butter bean.Ē

7. What do you do now to stay in shape? Do you still play basketball? What do you do to keep your workouts from getting boring?
I lift weights regularly and still play a little basketball since I coach a High School Menís team. To keep from getting bored, I mix up my workout routines and when youíre passionate about fitness you never grow bored.

8. How important is it for your children to be active? What messages do your share with them about fitness and nutrition?
Itís very important for my children to be active especially in todayís society where the obesity rate is steadily increasing. The message I share with my family is to treat your body like a temple by maintaining a healthy balance of fitness and a healthy diet.

9. A healthy breakfast is a very important meal because it fuels your body with energy to help you focus and perform throughout the day. What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day?
For breakfast I have eggs, turkey bacon, fruit, orange juice and wheat toast and thatís what gets me going for the day.

10. Is there a fun or unique fitness routine or tip you do on a regular basis that you can share?
A fun and unique fitness tip for me, is to lean up against the wall with my back flat, looking as if Iím sitting in a chair on a 45-degree angle to strengthen my quads and hamstrings.