Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays
The holidays are a great time to remember to stay healthy! Here are some easy tips from the empowerME Movement to help you stay healthy and physically active while still enjoying the holiday season.

Think Healthy Thoughts
Spend time before the holidays planning healthy snacks to prepare. Make a grocery list and stick to it. Whether you are a host or guest, be the one to create healthy alternatives to the typically notsohealthy holiday menu.

Snack, Donít Skip
Donít skip meals! Skipping breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner may cause you to overeat at holiday meal times. If you have to skip a meal, replace it with fruits and veggies, otherwise keep to your regular meal times.

Donít Forget Rest
Recharge! Crazy holiday activities can wear you out! Sleep to give yourself an extra boost of energy and weight are directly affected by your lack of getting enough sleep!

Stay Physically Active
to engage in activities alone or with family and friends. This time of year is the perfect time to try out something new like ice skating, or head to your local indoor pool or basketball court for some fun.

Rock the Halls
Turn that holiday music up and dance! Take a break from watching your favorite holiday TV shows and challenge your family and friends to do jumping jacks, situps, and pushups during commercial breaks!

About empowerME
The empowerME Movement, an initiative of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, engages kids across the country to take charge of their health, get educated and get activated. NBA FIT and the empowerME Movement collaborate to inspire young people to eat healthier, move more and be the solution to the childhood obesity epidemic. For information, check out: Healthier Generation.