Q&A with Goran Dragic

1. Can you talk a little bit about what being a member of the NBA/WNBA FIT Team means to you?
Being part of the NBA Fit Team means a lot to me because as an athlete, we have to take care of our bodies and eat healthy. I have dedicated my entire life try to being fit! I want to stay young forever so I am always working hard and trying to eat good food everyday.

2. What is one cool fact fans would be interested to know about you?
I'm always positive even when things are bad.

3. During the (W)NBA season, you are constantly staying active between practices and games. What do you do during the off season to stay in shape and improve your skills for the next season?
After the NBA season is over, I always take 1 month off from basketball and working out so my body can recuperate. After resting that month, I begin working out 2 times a day for 2 weeks and then I switch to playing basketball. In the morning, I concentrate on fitness and then I play basketball in the afternoon.

4. When you were growing up, how important was it for you to stay active and play sports? Aside from basketball, what other sports did you play?
When I was a kid everybody was outside playing sports, and trying to get better. We played all kinds off sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, table tennis and tennis. We did not have computers and video games. We only had balls to play sports so we had to play outside!

5. With such a busy travel and game schedule, how do you manage to eat healthy? What does your diet look like on a typical game day?
I make sure to have a healthy meal everyday. I typically eat a breakfast, then a snack, then lunch, followed by another snack and finally dinner. Most of the time I eat seafood, chicken, veggies, fruits and nuts.

6. When you were growing up, what were some of your favorite outdoor activities that you did with your friends?
Soccer and basketball were my two favorite sports.

7. When you’re tired or busy how do you motivate yourself to workout? What do you do to keep your workouts from getting boring?
I never get bored from practice. I only get tired. I know that I can play pro basketball until 35 or 40 years old if I don't have any injuries, so working out is just a small amount of time to sacrifice.

8. Staying active is a lot more fun when the whole family is involved. What types of activities did you do with your family to stay healthy?
My mom was a basketball player and my dad was a soccer player, so we played those two sports most of my childhood!

9. A healthy breakfast is a very important meal because it fuels your body with energy to help you focus and perform throughout the day. What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day?
Usually eggs with orange juice, fruits and bread.

10. It is easy to cut down on sleep when you have a busy schedule. How important is it to your body to get a solid amount of sleep every night?
Sleep is very important. It is important so you can recover your body for the next game. Usually I sleep 8 hours and take a 1-hour nap during the day.

11. Is there a fun or unique fitness routine or tip you do on a regular basis that you can share?
I really like to do side planks and regular planks before every practice or game. This exercise engages your core and every other muscles in your body. It is a good exercise that people forget to do and gives you an edge over your competition.