WNBA FIT Team: Katie Smith

Katie is a member of the Detroit Shock. She attended Ohio State University. During her career at OSU, Smith broke the Big Ten scoring record for points scored in a career, in menís or womenís basketball. She helped led the Detroit Shock to the 2008 WNBA Championship where she was named Most Valuable Player. Also in 2008, Katie won an Olympic Gold medal with the US Womenís National Team at the Beijing Olympics.

Staying Active
It takes a lot more time to get in shape than to get out of shape so constantly staying active helps maintain a base that you can build on. Also my body feels better when it has a workout and I feel like I have more energy when I do something physically active each day, Even if it is walking the dog.

Eating the Right Foods and staying hydrated
I can tell a difference when I eat well from when I indulge in junk food!!! I drink water constantly throughout the day and for a change I will add a crystal light flavor every once and a while. I like to get a good mix of fiber, carbs (that are good for you), vegetables and fruit. For a snack I like a banana or apple with low-fat peanut butter. Also, I eat almonds with a piece of fruit.

Benefits of be Active
I know that my energy level increases when I am active. I am not as lethargic. Plus when I am active and eating right, my self confidence goes up. I feel more comfortable about my body. Exercise for me is a stress reliever, It helps me clear my mind.

Adapting to your environment
When I first came into the league I was not as conscience of eating well. I think for me it was after my second ACL injury and after taking a human anatomy class one, it reinforced how fragile your body is and that you only get one. So I decided to take care of it better. By taking care of my body better it has had a positive effect on my performance in the WNBA.

Importance of developing a strong core
Your core is your base or foundation that facilitates everything else. If you don't have that foundation everything else will be shaky. I love basketball because it incorporates all these parts

Getting enough sleep
Sleep is as important as eating or exercising well. You need that time to let your body and mind recover. For your body to handle the stresses, you will require sleep to endure in your day to day activities especially playing in the toughest women's basketball league in the world!

Pre/Post Game meals
Pre-game I like to eat a turkey sandwich with soup or salad and lots of water. Sometimes a chicken meal with veggies and a sweet potato. After games I will eat a salad with chicken on it, a grilled chicken meal with veggies or sometimes Italian food.

When I was growing upÖ
Growing up I was constantly active! I have two brothers and we lived on a farm with animals so we were always out doing something. I also did ballet and tap for many years and then began playing basketball. Along with that we did local track meets, soccer, and softball when we were kids.

Favorite Fitness Activities
I would jump rope, run outside and do other agility drills I learned at camps over the years.

Favorite Competitive Game
I like beat the pro, around the world, and knockout. I am too old to want to do any of the others!!! I have to conserve my energy for the games.

Biggest improvement in a workout
I think that my strength and flexibility. I started working with Ohio States strength coach Dave Richardson 4 years ago and he challenged me with workouts that incorporated Olympic lifts, body weight exercises and other strength moves that were put together in ways that maximized my strength. Along with strength training I started practicing yoga and when I practice yoga diligently I feel a difference in my body.

Staying Fit after Basketball
I hope to continue both weight-lifting and a cardio program (biking, running, cardio machines) throughout my life after basketball along with eating to live not living to eat.

Staying occupied during a workout
I actually don't listen to music while I workout. If I am doing cardio I like to read or watch TV if available. If not it is a great time to think.

Motivation when you donít feel like working out
Winning a championship! I think about those last five minutes of a game and that I want to be able to perform at that high level. Also I think about staying on top and there are many people who want y our job or want to beat you so I need to prepare for the challenge.

Fruits and Veggies
Blueberries & Broccoli

Staying Hydrated
Water is the major component of your body so it is crucial to consume on a regular basis. I try and drink a bottle water when I wake up and then constantly throughout the day.

Favorite meal then and now
I loved all of my mom's cooking!!! I liked when we had a roast with homemade gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, a veggie and then a homemade pie!!!! Today I like a lot of stir-fry's, homemade pizza!!