WNBA FIT Team: Cappie Pondexter

Cappie is a member of the Phoenix Mercury. She attended Rutgers University. She was drafted 2nd overall in the 2006 WNBA Draft. Cappie helped led the Phoenix Mercury to the 2007 WNBA Championship where she was named Most Valuable Player. She is a two-time WNBA All-Star.

Staying Active
It’s really important for me to remain active when I have downtime for many reasons. I always want to stay FIT and in shape. I love the feeling after a great workout!

Eating the Right Foods
I love salmon and pasta. Those are the two things I incorporate in my daily routine when im in season. Also, I stay away from sodas and depend of tea, fruit juices and water.

Benefits of be WNBA FIT
Some of the benefits of being and eating healthy are feeling great and looking great all the time.

Adapting to your environment
I am so conscious of what I put in my body daily. I have one day a week where I allow myself to eat whatever. The other 6 days of the week I watch what I eat and never did till I became a pro. I wish I had started earlier.

Importance of developing a strong core
Having a strong core allows you to dominate throughout the season. To me they are the most importanct muscles to develop strengthen throughout a season.

Getting enough sleep
Sleeping is vital to your performance. Everyone needsthe proper rest to practice and play in the games the highest level possible.

Pre/Post Game meals
I love to eat pasta and veggies pre-game that are high in carbs. Post –game, I try and eat light such as soups, salad or sushi.

When I was growing up…
I played basketball all day and night! I stayed on the courts as much as I could indoors and outdoors.

Competitive Workout Games
I love to play 1 – on – 1 and full court sprints. These workouts get the most of me because I love to compete.

Biggest improvement in a workout
Working on the track is one of my biggest improvements. In high school and college, it was tough for me mentally. As I grew mentally, if became very easy for me and it is something I enjoy doing in the off season.

Staying Fit after Basketball
I don’t think ill play another sport when my playing career is over but I have to maintain this lifestyle. I love to look good as well as feel good. Practicing these healthy habits allow you to be this way. Its going to take a lot more effort but I willing to do it to get the results I want.

Energized by the Music
I love a lot of up-tempo music from all genres. My ultimate favorite has to be “Gotta Work” by Amarie!

Knowing how to eat your “Favorite Food” in moderation
I love cookie dough ice cream. I don’t indulge too much but when I do I take full advantage. Its my only real weakness!!!!!

Motivation when you don’t feel like working out
When I am looking for motivation to push through something, I think about a lot of things. Mostly, that someone else is putting in the same work and I can’t allow them to be better then me. I think about how is this going to help me in games. I’m competitive and I love winning so thinking how it will allow me to do that gives me the extra push!

Fruits and Veggies
My favorite fruits are pears and pineapples! My favorite veggie is Eggplants! Staying Hydrated Putting water in your body is KEY. It allows you to be hydrated as well as refreshed. I drink water all day and night. I keep a bottle of water next to may bed every night. To be an athlete you need to love water!

Favorite meal then and now
My favorite meal growing is chicken wings and fries. Now my favorite meals are grilled salmon and any kind of veggie. It has made a big different in my health!