empowerME Movement

Did you know? Nearly one in three kids in the U.S. is overweight or obese? Thatís a lot of us who are not taking care of our bodies!

Why should we care? Being too heavy isnít really about the way we look. It can cause some serious health problems that we canít see, like type2 diabetes and heart disease. Luckily we can take steps to stay healthy and strong.

How can we help? empowerME inspires us to eat healthier and move more, motivate each other, and be a solution for Americaís obesity epidemic. Our lives, our bodies, and our health belong to us. We are the solution to this health problem.

JOIN USóspeak up and connect with kids all across American so we can live full, healthy lives. Join the movement at empowerme2b.org.

About empowerME
The empowerME Movement, an initiative of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, engages kids across the country to take charge of their health, get educated and get activated. NBA FIT and the empowerME Movement collaborate to inspire young people to eat healthier, move more and be the solution to the childhood obesity epidemic.

To learn more, visit Healthier Generation.