Chef Chavez: Cooked Beef for Salpicon


3 lbs. Beef (knee)
Water (as needed to fill stockpot)
1 rib celery (cut in 3" pieces)
1/2 each Red Bell Peppers (seeds removed - cut in 1/2)
1/4 bunch Cilantro (washed)
1/4 each Yellow Onions (cut in 1/2)
2 Bay Leaves
1 TBS. Oregano Leaves
2 TBS. Kosher Salt


1. Accurately measure all ingredients into a large stockpot.

2. Add enough water to cover the ingredients by 4 inches.

3. Bring ingredients to a boil over high heat.

4. Reduce heat to simmer and cook over low heat for 10-12 hours until beef is very tender.

5. Drain beef and allow to cool.

6. Shred beef by hand an place into 4 lb. bags. Shrink wrap.

7. Date, initial and store in the walk-in freezer until needed.