Aquiles Chavez

About Chef Chavez

Arguably one of the best chefs in the country, Aquiles grew up in Tabasco, Mexico where in his own words “everything started”. As a teenager, his dream of buying a guitar led him to work at the only diner in Villahermosa, Tabasco as a busboy to save up money. It was there where Aquiles discovered his ability in the kitchen and his desire to study and dedicate himself to the culinary profession.

Shortly after, he moved to Mexico City to attend school at the Colegio Superior de Gastronomia (CSG) from where he graduated as an honor student in 2000.

Aquiles has constantly been awarded various awards and recognitions for his preparation and insatiable desire to work hard and excel at everything he does. He has traveled around the world doing what he most enjoys: cooking. Places like India, Netherlands and France were an inspiration for his work. While in France he attended Le Centre de Formation D’Alain Ducasse in Paris.

Eight years after having graduated from the CSG he became the co-owner and Chef of the LO Cocina de Autor Restaurant in Villahermosa, Tabasco. Most recently, he embarked on a new project: a restaurant under the name “La Fisheria” in Houston, TX which specializes in Mexican seafood cuisine.

In 2011 Aquiles and Ediciones Larousse, S.A. de C.V., published his first book “La Cocina y Las Locuras de Aquiles”. In his book Aquiles explains various recipes and different stages of his every-day life as a Chef. He focuses on home-made meals, popular cuisine and recipes for children and babies.

Currently he also participates in various TV show: “El Toque de Aquiles” y “Aquilisimo” transmitted in all of Latinamerica. The shows highlight Aquiles’ funny sense of humor, his dedication to his profession and his rich creations with a simple language and focus on simple recipes. As if this wasn’t enough, Aquiles stars in his own reality TV show “Aquiles en Houston” that follows Chavez as he leaves Mexico for Houston to open La Fisheria.

His creative, fun, extroverted and always positive attitude and personality have allowed Aquiles to express his love for food, the kitchen and the love to his wife and children whom he considers his most valuable achievement. Chef Aquiles doesn’t forget his roots and is always proud of being Mexican.

Chef Chavez' Recipes
Red Snapper Pibil
Tostada de Salpicon
Ceviche Verde