Lachey is back with the Pistons.
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Dance Champ: Drew Lachey is back from his ABC "Dancing with the Stars" experience to help the Pistons win a Title of their own.

Look who's desperate now! Raptors Jay Harrington is the new Doctor on Wisteria Lane. While check ups are a must for Houswife Terri Hatcher, even she finds it hard to resist the medication he is perscribing.

Waltz this way! Pistons Drew Lachey and partner Cheryl Buke shocked the dancing world when they captued first place on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and sent ESPN's Kenny Mayne back to the NFL Countdown showers.

Jamie Foxx is back! Straight from wrapping a six-month shoot of Michael Mann's "Miami Vice", Foxx is back in Los Angeles for back-to-back films "Dreamgirls" and "Damage Control", and more importantly ready to step in for the Spurs as they try to make it back to the NBAE LEAGUE championship game.

The 76ers' Bow Wow is off to Japan for four weeks over the Christmas break to shoot the "Fast and the Furious 3". The first-time E-Leaguer is devastated to miss even one game, but vowed to play while he is on the road and make a difference upon his return in early January.

ABC is a hit! The Bucks' Eddie Cibrian has found a home in Wednesday Night's "Invasion" and CAA agent Peter Micelli posted a No. 1 show in getting "Lost" on the air in 2004 and earning himself a spot on this week's Hollywood Reporter "The Next Generation", naming the top 35 executives under 35-years of age. Not too bad for a couple of ballers.