We asked NBAE players hangin' in Houston for All-Star Weekend who they would play one-on-one and what the final score would be if they had the opportunity to play to 11. Here's what we heard:

Bow Wow
"Shaq. If we were playing to 11 it would probably be 11 to 0, Shaq. You want to pick the best player out there, that's how you make yourself better, that's how you better yourself."
Jesse D. Garrabrant, NBAE
Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
Ice Cube
"Kobe. I'd play Kobe. The score would be 10-11. He would win; He's the pro. (laughing)"
Donald Fasion (Scrubs)
"I would pick Kobe. It would be 11-0, Kobe wins. I'd pick Kobe because he is the best player in the league right now and I got to play against the best. I can't play against suckers, I got to play against the best. So, if Kobe is the best right now, guess who's going at him? Even if he does beat me 11-0, guess who went at him though?"
Gregory Shamus, NBAE