Carmelo's already comfortable with the spotlight on him.
Nathaniel S. Butler/ NBAE via Getty Images
December 3, 2003 -- Shaq on Bernie Mac, and now the Buzz has learned through unnamed sources that Carmelo Anthony is going to be a movie star. Are these guys in the NBA or the SAG? (For those not in the know, Screen Actors Guild.)

The precocious rookie is expected to play the leading role in a basketball-theme movie titled Playground that could be filmed during the offseason. Anthony would play the role of a superstar high school senior named Raziel Canton, who was nicknamed "Playground" by his mother because he was always playing hoops on the asphault. Doesn't the plot sound like He Got Game starring what's his name? You know, the good-looking guy on the Sonics? Ray Allen.

Other NBA players expected to have roles include Toronto rookie forward Chris Bosh and Miami rookie guard Dwyane Wade.

The Buzz wants to know: Is it really acting if you're a basketball player playing a basketball player? Was Hamlet not available?