The Run: Elton Brand airs Tues., Dec. 19 at 7 pm ET on NBA TV

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, re-live Elton Brand and the Clippers' historic 2006 playoff push in the original NBA TV series, The Run. For an exclusive sneak peek, check out NBA TV News' first look of the episode by clicking here.

Currently in its first season, The Run is a half-hour documentary-style show that focuses on a specific time period in a player's career. The timeline can be a season, a month, a week, or even a single day or game that is described in that show's content.

Edited and filmed in a distinctive style, these shows have no narration, other than what is provided by the first-person interview by the main character.

This interview serves as the main story-telling thread throughout each episode.

Among those appear in the series include Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, Miami Heat Finals MVP Dwyane Wade and Phoenix Suns MVP Steve Nash.

Watch Part I
Episode 1: LeBron James on his first ever playoff "run"

The 21-year-old wunderkind led his Cavs advanced past Washington in six games, and then took the defending East champion Detroit Pistons to a decisive Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. In part one of the episode, LeBron experiences the anxiety and excitement of going through his first playoff game and ends up with a triple double in the victory.

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 17, 2006

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Episode 2: Dwyane Wade leads Miami to its first NBA title

The show looks at the Heat's struggles during the season, and transformation into a championship team in the playoffs, which coincides with Wade's personal journey from a player overshadowed by fellow '03 draft classmates LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, into an elite superstar and Finals MVP.

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 31, 2006

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Episode 3: Elton Brand Gets the Clippers Past the First Round

Los Angeles Clippers star Elton Brand is profiled. The Run takes an in-depth look at the player, his roots, and the motivation that ultimately helped him carry his franchise to its first appearance in the second round of the playoffs in 30 years. The show is a career retrospective, culminating with last year's playoff run.

Original Broadcast Date: Dec. 19, 2006