The finale of NBA TV: Real Playoffs 2003 will air Friday, June 20 at 7 p.m. ET on NBA TV. Tune-in or catch the features here with
Throughout NBA Playoffs 2003, NBA TV is following one player from each team as the playoffs field of 16 gets whittled down to just one, the winner of NBA Finals 2003.

NBA TV: Real Playoffs 2003 chronicles the real-life happenings of 16 NBA players getting put through the playoff ringer. Every twist and turn, every victory or upset, and every action and emotion each player experiences during this critical time in the season is captured for the cameras.

As each series ends, one player moves on, and one is cast off the show. Check out the series finale on NBA TV on Friday, June 20 at 7 p.m. ET for the ultimate "inside look" at each player both on and off the court and see the exclusive features here on with NBA Inside Ticket.


EPISODE EIGHT: A champion is crowned
  • Game 4 report: The Nets eke out a victory at home. Play
  • Game 5 report: The Spurs prove too tough and leave NJ up 3-2 Play
  • Game 6 report: Malik Rose emerges as the champion of NBA TV: Real Playoffs 2003 Play
  • EPISODE SEVEN: NBA Finals 2003
    With only two contestants remaining from the original 16, Malik Rose is one game closer to the title.
  • Game 1 report: Play
  • Game 2 report: Play
  • Game 3 report: Play
  • EPISODE SIX: A look back
  • Nets: Richard Jefferson looks back at the Nets playoff run. Play
    Jefferson and the Nets burn time on their time off: Play
  • Spurs: Malik Rose reflects on the Spurs' playoff opponents Play
  • Mavericks-Spurs: Pushed to game 7, the Spurs close it out and send Eduardo Najera home. Play
  • EPISODE FIVE: Almost to the promised land
  • Nets-Pistons: Richard Jefferson talks of Jason Kidd's influence as the Nets sweep the Pistons. Play

  • Spurs-Mavs: Malik Rose and Eduardo Najera meet up in the Conference Finals. Play
  • EPISODE FOUR: Moving on to the Conference Finals
  • Nets: Richard Jefferson has time to reflect before meeting the Pistons in game one of the Conference Finals. Play
  • Sixers-Pistons: The Pistons squeak by the Sixers in six games. Play
  • Lakers-Spurs: Malik Rose and the Spurs dethrone Robert Horry and the Lakers . Play
  • Kings-Mavs: Pushed to game 7, the Mavs move on to the next round as the Kings go home. Play
  • EPISODE THREE: The Conference Semifinals
  • Lakers-Spurs: Malik Rose and Robert Horry are even at 2 games apiece after the Lakers battle back. Play
  • Celtics-Nets: Richard Jefferson's Nets take a commanding lead over Paul Pierce and the Celtics. Play
  • Kings-Mavs: Scot Pollard's Kings lost Chris Webber, but are still even with Najera and the Mavs after splitting home games. Play
  • Sixers-Pistons: A 2-0 lead meant nothing to Eric Snow and the Sixers as they even up Richard Hamilton and the Pistons. Play
  • EPISODE TWO: The first round concludes and 8 contestants are eliminated
  • Magic-Pistons: Rip Hamilton battles back and takes down McGrady in 7 games. Play
  • Blazers-Mavs: Dale Davis make it a series against Eduardo Play
  • Celtics-Pacers: Pierce gives Harrington a "playoff education". Play
  • Bucks-Nets: Richard Jefferson makes sure his team advances Play
  • Suns-Spurs: Malik comes up big and shuts down Marbury Play
  • Lakers-Wolves: KG is not enough as Horry moves on in six. Play
  • Jazz-Kings: Pollard gets to contribute and move on. Play
  • Hornets-Sixers: Eric Snow's team moves on past Baron Davis. Play
  • EPISODE ONE: All contestants are alive as first-round play opens up
  • Magic-Pistons: Tracy McGrady tries to out score Rip Hamilton and the Pistons. Play
  • Blazers-Mavs: Eduardo Najera takes a quick lead over Dale Davis. Play
  • Celtics-Pacers: Paul Pierce and the C's steal a game in Indy . Play
  • Bucks-Nets: Can Michael Redd outshoot RJ and the Nets? Play
  • Suns-Spurs: Marbury's prayer is answered as Malik Rose is threatened early Play
  • Lakers-Wolves: Horry and KG battle in a tough first round series to see who will move on. Play
  • Jazz-Kings: The ultimate bench player, Scot Pollard keeps himself ready to play as the Kings knock off Andrei Kirilenko and the Jazz. Play
  • Hornets-Sixers: Baron Davis battles injuries and tries to keep his team on pace with Eric Snow and the Sixers. Play
  • Who has the best shot? Meet all 16 contestants and listen to them tell you why THEY will be the last man standing at the end of NBA TV Real Playoffs 2003. Play

    Eliminated by Nets 4-0

    Eliminated by S.A. 4-2

    Eliminated by Bos. 4-2

    Eliminated by Det. 4-2

    Eliminated by Phi. 4-2

    Eliminated by Nets 4-0

    Eliminated by Nets 4-2

    Eliminated by Det. 4-3


    Eliminated by Dal. 4-3

    Eliminated by S.A. 4-2

    Eliminated by L.A. 4-2

    Eliminated by S.A. 4-2

    Eliminated by Dal. 4-3

    Eliminated by Kings 4-1

    Eliminated by Spurs 4-2